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“With 94 percent human error-related fatal car collisions, the ability of automated vehicle technology to eliminate fatalities and accidents on our roads encourages us to act.” Self-driving car are expected to cut road accidents by 90%, saving 30,000 lives a year In future, self-driving car have the potential to reduce car accident accidents and injuries, particularly those resulting from driver distraction. In 94 percent of collisions, government research determines driver action or fault, and self-driving car can further minimize driver error.

When one of Waymo’s completely automated minivans was stranded at an intersection in Chandler, Arizona, the organization sent a roadside assistance squad to get it out. When the crew entered, though, the truck began to move forward before pulling over and blocking a three-lane highway. It was a once-in-a-lifetime video showing one of Waymo’s self-driving cars behaving erratically.

Joel Johnson, who posts videos on YouTube under the name JJRicks Studios about his encounters with Waymo’s Level 4 autonomous vehicles, which run without a protection driver behind the wheel, captured the incident from inside the car. Johnson’s video shows what occurs when one of the world’s most capable automated cars is tripped up by a few orange safety cones.

At one point in the film, a remote operator says to Johnson, “It’s no longer stranded and now it’s blocking, okay,” to which Johnson responds, “Ok, this is interesting!”

The fleet of the Alphabet-owned business numbers about 600 cars. More than 300 automobiles run in a 100-square-mile coverage area that involves the cities of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe — while the completely autonomous cars are limited to a half-mile radius. (Waymo hasn’t said how many of the trucks aren’t equipped with protection drivers.

In late 2018, Waymo unveiled a small public ride-hailing service named Waymo One, but only those who had been screened by Waymo’s early rider program of beta testers were given entry. Waymo said both services have about 1,500 monthly active members, which is the same amount as in December 2019.

Waymo has a team of remote workers who monitor the real-time streams of each vehicle’s eight cameras and will assist at the press of a button if the program encounters a problem that requires a human eye to solve. The organization says, though, that the remote assistance team cannot “joystick” the cars, but can only make recommendations to help the vehicle get out of difficult circumstances.

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One of these scenarios arose during Johnson’s most recent trip. The automobile attempted to make a right turn into a street that was blocked by orange cones, which caused the driver to become distracted. Waymo said it “detected an irregular condition and demanded the attention of a remote fleet response expert to provide more detail” in a statement to Johnson.

The remote specialist obviously “provided inaccurate directions, making it difficult for the Waymo driver to restart its planned journey, and requiring Waymo’s roadside assistance team to complete the trip,” according to the firm.

Waymo would not appoint a roadside assistance unit to follow any of the completely automated cars in case anything goes wrong, according to the remote operator. She said that crews are normally “two to five miles out.” “It was never entrusted to a single person.”

The car begins to reverse from its location where it was just partially blocking the path to a position where it was fully clogging traffic at this stage in the video. It then comes to a halt, as if uncertain about what to do next. Nothing occurs as the wheel swings slightly to the right on its own. “Very interesting,” Johnson says as he sits in one of the center captain positions, eagerly seeing it unfold. “Instead of covering part of the road, it now blocks the whole lane.”

Meanwhile, a flatbed truck speeds by, catching all of the orange cones that had initially perplexed the Waymo vehicle. And just before the roadside assistance team appears, the car tries to make a hasty exit from its humiliating condition. As the vehicle drives forward, Johnson expresses his disappointment that he may never get to associate with Waymo’s squad of roving problem-solvers.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no The Waymo car slows down and then stops when more orange cones emerge. When the roadside team arrives, the vehicle manages to flee once more. Still, in the end, it gives up and something works out. If you want an inside peek at what occurs when our driverless future runs into the insurmountable challenge of small road development, watch the whole video.

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