Prank Your Friend’s Android Phone Using Fake Viruses


Another smartphone prank is in order. Classic pranks and practical jokes are always fun, so let’s hit your buddies right where it hurts: their precious (and expensive) smartphones. And what easier way to threaten them than to make them think their phone has been compromised with malware?

To complete this mission, you must obtain access to their Android phone or tablet to install the fake virus software. And don’t worry… it’s a “false” virus, so there’s no damage, no foul.

Step 1: Obtain Your Friend’s Phone

Ask a buddy or coworker if you can borrow their cell for a moment, or just grab it before they return from the water cooler. Do what you need to do, but leave yourself a few minutes to load the application in the next step.

Step 2: Download and install “Virus Prank.”

Load Virus Prank by App sent Minded on your victim’s computer. It’s available for free on the Google Play Store. Do this as quickly as you can or as soon as the network would allow.

Download virus prank app 

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Step 3: Choose a “Virus”

The software has nine separate fake viruses to select from, so browse the list and choose your poison. Stuff like a Government Seizure or the infamous Blue Screen of Death may be used to frighten citizens. Again, time is of the essence, so choose one easily, or experiment with the program on your computer first to determine which “virus” you want to use.

Step 4: Inform a Friend

This is the point at which you would always offer it. Sigh, despair, let out a vocal “Oh, shit”—do whatever it takes to convince your buddy that something is desperately wrong with their device.

All you need is a few minutes, depending on how quickly you can install the software. Ads may be removed for a $0.99 in-app payment, and the creator is constantly upgrading the program with new “viruses” and, ideally, features that temporarily disable the home key and keep the user from leaving the virus view.

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