How To Make Video Using Photos And Videos

Best video maker application for Android device.  Hi friends this tutorial is useful to you, if you are fond of collecting the photos and video recordings. Nowadays Smartphones with a higher resolution power cameras in trend so every smartphone have a high resolution to make a video with photos and music and text I have Vivo V5 plus Smartphone in which front camera is of 20 megapixel and rear camera is of 16 mega pixel so I have collected many photos and videos in my smartphone. See Watch 4k youtube video on non 4k phones. So i can’t count the number of photos and videos. If any photo or video got deleted by mistake it is hard to detect which photo is deleted. It is known to us after some time when we watch all the photos and videos.


Method – How to make a video from photos

Many of my photos were also missed which are known to me after some days. When I told my friend about this problem, he suggest me a solution of my problem to make a video using these photos with music. He also told me that whenever he saw his photo collection he got bore to swipe the photos one by one. So he made a video using his photos with added musics and advance layout.

We capture photos at some events from which we want to make a video like college tours, Birthday parties  and another college events. So this is also useful for making the videos of a particular events.

There are many video maker application software are available on play store for Android devices which works quite good in Smartphones. Here i am going to tell you about a fantastic Android video Maker Application. The name of Application is Viva Video which is available on Google Play Store. Viva video is compatible to work smoothly with any of the Android Version.

video maker online with music and effects free –

Follow the steps to make a video using Viva Video Maker Application.

  1.  Go to Play Store , Search for Viva Video application, download and install it.
  2.  Launch the application, Go to Edit, Choose the photos and video clips which you want to insert in video, tap on next.

    how to make a video with photos and music online

    Viva video

  3. Now choose your theme, from offline or online library within application.
  4. Now tap on music and the tap to add music and choose the desired music from your audio files then tap on Add.
  5. If you want to insert text to your video then tap on Edit then tap on Text, tap on T+ select text styletext theme, desired font and color of the font. Now write the text you want to insert in the Text Box. Select the text timing.

    Make Photo Slideshow with Music

    Viva video Edit

  6. Tap on share then Export to Gallery.

    How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music (Slideshow)

    Viva video Video Export

Now your video will be saved in a folder named Viva Video in your Android device.  Now you can watch your video in your video gallery. You are free to make the video of any length. You can add many of the photos without any restriction to the video. Using this video will be a good experience to you all.


So friend, make a video from your photos and enjoy the video. Hope this tutorial is helpful to all of you. For any further assistance regarding this tutorial feel free to comment, I will assist you as soon as possible. Also see Remove watermark from prisma image from android. Thanks for visiting. Please subscribe us to get daily dose of useful tricks about technological stuffs.


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