Kill WiFi Connection joint iPhone & iPad iOS Device Without Jailbreak

Know How to Kill WiFi

Hey guys, this is the new and awesome tricks in front you named WiFi for iPhone Without Jailbreak. Here is the good news for iPhone users, because if you want to kill WiFi connection of your friends or family members with iPhone then you are the right way in here. In this tutorial i explain in below with very simple and easy way. In here i guide the article Delete the Facebook Account Permanently with the simple way. This application is working very well in the iPhone device, To using this app you have to need the the android device and then you can use this without error. In case if you have not an android device to Kill  WiFi connection with the iPhone iOS then you fallow the step in below. That is the very easy and simple tutorial for kill WiFi connection to the iPhone iOS device. Also you can see Use the double WhatsApp in one android phone.

Why We Need The WiFi Kill iOS Guide

Friends, if in your device using the WiFi connection then your device and WiFi speed is very slowly to some other users and to using this. First of all in here to explain you how to WiFi Kill iOS App is created for the cut WiFi connection to all other users. The users are connected to same WiFi and your speed is going to slow down in your device because the other user is also using data from your WiFi. After using this application you are able to kill WiFi connection. And this is also right that, the other person is not use the WiFi connection. Also you go How To Enable Google Assistant Feature On Any Android Phone.


In this app silently snoof device, that they are not to getting working the internet connection and  that device is not use data from WiFi anymore. In here, other person who connected to the same WiFi connection and also connect to the WiFi but they will not to get the high speed in his device and you can enjoy this on your device because your device will work like a Pro WiFi kill. Now to look in the below there the simple step to done this. See this also Download Xperia Launcher App For Android. This is a basic and the very simple ideas.

Basic requirements just Kill WiFi From iOS Device

  • iPhone device Must be Jailbreak Before Using this application
  • You must Installed Cydia in your iPhone Device

In here friend that is the basic requirements for Kill WiFi connection from your Android Device. If you want to kill WiFi connection of other person with your device then in here you must be already jail braked in your iPhone. And if you have mentioned then you see in below.

Method to Kill WiFi Connection with Wifi Kill App(iOS)

In here if you are looking to the easy way and go to the step by step tutorial about How to kill WiFi connection from your android device then you must be fallow this guide step  by step.  This is fully help you to kill the WiFi connection of your other side(friend/any other).

Download WiFiKill for the iPhone or iPad iOS to kill Wifi Connection in below

  • First of all to Add this Repo to your Cydia-Download
  • And after download this installed Net-kill-UI beta in Cydia, With all of it’s dependencies
  • then you will see a NetKillUI application in your Home Screen,Simply it open the app
  • now you can see some option, Swipe down to this app and you will see the IP address
  • To select the IP address of device, which device WiFi you want to kill. You can Identify the IP Address of other device with the help of Find App, Which you need to install from iOs store
  • In here to selecting the IP address of device, in which you want to kill WiFi connection and to click on the Kill Button and this is done by you

In order to do all the step carefully it will be done by you and to kill the WiFi connection with the iPhone device. To stop the WiFi kill app Effect. Simply click on Tap to Stop All App spoof processed option and you are done with it finely. After all you fill this the simple and easy way to do.


By using this tutorial i think you will be able to Kill the WiFi. Some body always asking me that what ever you doing this type of ideas and thought in our mind, but i totally want to say you that all the possibilities are in your hand, because all the totally depend on your knowledge.  And you are also to use WiFiKilling Client App. This is the latest version of the iPhone device. This is working for WiFi connection of friends or anyone and they will not able to use your data from WiFi. You can also check Using One Whatsapp In Dual Phone. If you have any problem or any question by this application then you are free to comment in below. Thank You.


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