How To Watch YouTube 4K Videos on Non 4K Phones and Tablets-New

Tutorial on Watch Youtube 4K Videos on Non-4k Phone and Tablets

Hey guys, i am come back with new and awesome trick How To Watch YouTube Videos in smartphone. Now a days youtube is a trending application of our life and which is used by every people to watch, share and upload videos and movies.In this way there is a lots of 4K smartphone which are using some amazing feature and also good for us but can not watch 4k video of youtube resolution on all android device. So friends today i am going to say you the simple way to enable this option on your phones,if you using samsung galaxy S8 or S8 plus Android Smartphone which is flagship phone from Samsung you can not able to whatch YouTube video in 4k. Also read How to unblock blocked Paytm account. In here i am going to share to you can enable it on your device. you can also enable it in Redmi 3s it is budget Smartphone from Company.





When you watch some awesome feature on your android, with the help of build. We can watch YouTube 4k Video on Non 4k Device. It you have the request hardware for your device After that you can easily enable the 4k and 2160p resolution video option on your device.

Guide – HOW to WATCH YouTube 4K videos on Non

                  4K Smartphone and Tablets

So friends if your Device display is 2k then you also see resolution and to find more clarity and amazing quality as compression to 2k resolution video. But some guys also said that i did not find any effect on 4k as 2k both are looks like same in here both effect of quality, When i tried this i have watch the video quality and color quality are deffer for 2k on 4k and artifacts substantially improved. It is totally depend on you and you wants to try or not. According to my opinion i suggest you to try it free in your phone. Also see – How to Remove Background From Image In Android.



Play YouTube 4K Videos on Non-4K phone and Tablets

  • First of all download build prop editor from the link given below.


  • After that open the app and click on “pencil” icon which is located on the right top of the app.
  • After that scroll down and add this code “sys.display-size=3840×2160” see Bellow image.



  • Reboot your device and watch the video.
  • Do enjoy.


In the article we share How to watch youtube 4K video on Non-4K phone and Tablets. I think this is the Best way to play 4K video in 2k phone. See also Send sms (SMS Bomber). Thanks for the interesting and enjoy this trick, if you have any type of query you also free to comment in bellow. Subscribe to our Website to get tips and tricks notification of latest article and friends do not forget to fallow us facebook, google. Thank you for visiting this..


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