How To Watch/Play YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player Locally

Hello Guys, i am come back with new trick, named Watch Youtube video in VLC Media player. I want to show you a new and awesome Trick for Watch Online in VLC MEDIA PLAYER, So if you looking an Easy Way to Watch YouTube Video in VLC Media Player, Then you have a look at this Below Complete Tutorial in this. That is possible to watch videos from VLC Media Player Easily in few clicks. You need to do this if you do not want to see the add from YouTube videos in your Browser, then you can watch any type of videos without ads, in VLC, you can better control on video with the help of VLC media player, that is awesome trick to get better control on video,Such as Rendering the video, seeking the video without buffering etc.I want to share two awesome method about it, Checking both of the methods in bellow for Easily Stream Videos in YouTube With VLC Media Player. Now we have a look at below to How to Stream Videos the Internet with VLC player. We have also shared an article on  How To Watch YouTube 4k Videos on Non-4k Phones and Tablets


Way to Play YouTubre videos in VLC Player-Buffering

You also know that VLC Media Player can be able to Play Videos from several online Websites, there are many websites to watch the video,  but you think about Playing YouTube Videos with VLC Media player, let me tell you that i have tried it, and that is possible to do. VLC Media player doing awesome thing and that can not play YouTube Videos too. That is very awesome  thing for VLC Software. In that blog also shared an awesome article How to unblock blocked PayTm account .You already knows that, watching videos from YouTube with your browser, If you are getting Too much ads,comments, skill ads etc. Which may irritate you. In this case, you can play YouTube videos from VLC Media Player. To better use so i can say that How to Block YouTube Ads With VLC Media Player


When you are using VLC Media Player to watching online videos, during the playing YouTube Videos from VLC Media Player. You may get some of the other errors too like MRL error, http error, Decoding error or SMTP error, RTSP error etc,. In here i want to say that, and to guide you about How to solve these kind of Errors. In bellow Full Tutorial We have shared of the best Working Methods, Which you can use for Watch Videos from youtube in VLC Media Player. So that is also simply said that it a simle and awesome method.

Only two Ways to Watch YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player 

  1. Drag & drop Method
  2. Manuel Method by Enter link

Download to VLC Media Player

Friends you can Easily Download VLC Media Player according to your OS(Operating System) in bellow available download links, simply to Click on that Download Link and you can start Downloading VLC Media Player in your Personal Computer.

  1. For windows PC – Download
  2. For Mac – Download

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How to play YouTube videos in VLC Media Player

  • First of all install VLC Media Player in your Phone, if you are installed it already, than simply you open it
  • After that, Click on Tools options from menu bar and then Select Preferences Button Same Like below in the screenshot


  • After that, In next Screen, CLICK on ALL from below Left Corner, and select Option of input /codecs


  • Then, in Right Side, You will see an option of Preferred Video Resolution, Simply Click on it, you can select option of videos quality of your choice
  • Selecting the Video Quality is depends on the Internet Connection speed. for example in 2MBPSWi-Fi network, 720p video are working clearly, So select the video quality from there and click on Save Option


  • After Succesfully Save above Settings, Easily Open YouTube  from your Laptop/PC. In there Select the Videos which you want to watch in VLC Media Player and Drag and drop Videos to play in VLC player and it will Start playing that youTube in the VLC Media Player in the screenshot




Alternate Method for Watch YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player

In there following above working Guide if you have any issues, then simply follow below steps for play Youtube videos from VLC Media player.

  • First of all open VLC Media Player from your Laptop, and in the menu option of Media, click on it & select option of ONS(open network stream)


  • And then Enter video URL of YouTube, Which you want to seen, For Example


This is one of the best Working Alternate way for watch YouTube Videos in PC with the help of VLC Media Player after that remove the Ads

How to Fix MTP Errors While Playing YouTube Videos  with VLC

If you Windows VLC would not play YouTube videos than you can simply follow below process for fix this issue, because you want to Watch online Video Stream in VLC Media player.

  • Firstly, Download YouTube VLC Fixer from here – Download


  • After downloaded simply Rename this file, and Name it to youtube.lua then copy this file & Move it in your VLC Media Player Installation Folder for example-C:\Program File\videoLan\VLC


  • That’s all ..You are completed this, Now you try to Play YouTube Videos from VLC Media Player and it will work for done


Guys, that was the easy way to you can watch/play/stream YouTube Video in VLC Media player. Than if you have any problem than you following this Stream VLC palyer. If you have any query then simply comment below, i will try to solve your issues. Also you can see Use One Whatsapp in Dual phones. Thank you for Visiting here stay connected with us for more awesome cool and stuff like this.

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