How to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone

The iPhone is a fantastic phone with a stylish style. If you’re sick of the way your Android phone looks or are simply shocked at how customizable your Android phone is, there are a plethora of applications you can update to make your Android phone look like an iPhone (or any other phone).

The disadvantage of transforming your Android device into an iPhone is that you will need to use one or more of the applications mentioned below.

iLauncher for Phone X

To make your Android device look like an iPhone, you’ll need a launcher, specifically the Phone X launcher. You’ll get the impression that you’re looking at an iPhone as soon as you install the app. The app icons will be replaced with those seen on an iPhone.

If Chrome is your default browser, the Safari app icon will take its place. But don’t get too excited if you click the Safari icon because Chrome will still be your default browser.

Swipe down from anywhere on your home screen to easily check for an app or find recently used applications. To reach the control center, swipe down from the very top of your window.

You can also change the wallpaper, swipe action, lock screen, app lock, scroll impact, dock, iPhone X notch, and other settings in the launcher’s settings.

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Apple iOS 12 Lock Screen

If your lock screen still had an Android appearance, your iPhone look will be incomplete. With the addition of the iOS12 Lock Screen, your lock screen will be able to leave the Android days behind. Through this app, you will be able to see all of your updates on your latest iOS lock screen, as well as your text messages and missed calls.

You’ll see your messages when you first open the lock screen. Swipe right to enter the passcode you should have set up when you first installed the app.

If not, launch the lock screen software to control the app’s settings. Set a password by tapping the Set Password option and entering it twice. To change your passcode to a custom numeric code, four-digit numeric code, or six-digit numeric code, tap on Passcode choices.

When you swipe left on a notification, the option to clear it appears to the right. Swiping right on any notification will reveal the option to clear it on the left side. In the app’s settings, you can also enable the fingerprint feature, adjust the pass, date format, wallpapers, lock tone, text size, and other options.

iMusic – Player of Music

Let’s offer the music player an iOS makeover as well. iMusic – Music Player for OS 13 is the software you’ll need. This music player allows you to listen to audio files in a variety of formats, including WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, and MIDI.

You may also choose from nine music genre presets such as Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance, Metal, Latin, Classical, and so on. The app can categorize your music into five tabs: Music, Playlist, Artist, Album, and Genre.

Tap the three dots in the upper-left corner to activate options like repeat, shuffle, equalizer, and more. You may also use the search bar to look for a particular album.

iOS 13 iCalendar

iCalendar iOS 13 will provide you with the iOS calendar you’ve always desired. It is Google Calendar compatible and has a very basic interface. It’s simple to use and will put a dot under the date you’ve registered a case.

When you create a case, you can specify which calendar it should be added to. You may also have the event replay and an alarm triggered. When you tap on a date with an event, the event will be shown below the calendar. It’s a basic app, but it’s excellent if that’s all you need.

In conclusion

In the end, you’ll always have an Android computer, but with these apps, you can enjoy the iOS design. Is there an app I’m missing that you may already be using? Please share it with us in the comments section below!.

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