How to Increase Download Speed in Android

Increase The Download Speed

Hey guys, this is new and very popular post named Increase You Downloading Speed. Today i am going to talk about how to increase the downloading speed in your  android device. Now days there are very busy life and all the people want to manage any work in the minimum working time. So it is very important that your android device is working fast or not. If not, or working slowly than this post is helpful for you. See in the bellow and i described fairly How To Increase Your Downloading Speed In Android. You can also see Create The Smaller PDF Document Files.

Increase – Downloading Speed for Android

In these day there are many user of the internet and all the user want to fastest speed from the device. There are very common that the downloading speed is required to much important. There are many people are want to download the movie, music, games etc. But between the downloading there are many people are not satisfied with his downloading speed in android. Go also Free Calling Apps without Internet.  Here i shared the best and simple way to fastest downloading speed also. See bellow and use this in your android device.

Superior Ways – Increase Download Speed in Android

  • Use Single Booster Apps
  • Kill WiFi If Using WiFi Connection
  • Use ADM With Best Possible Settings
  • Restart WiFi Modem/Disconnect and Connect Mobile Data

Use Single Booster Apps

This is the first way to Increase the downloading speed. Here there are many people are using the play store and on there play store there are many application are available but this the one of the best application to increase the downloading speed. This is the cool and very simple app for the user and give the maximum possible download speed. In bellow i provided the Download link of internet Signal booster application which you can uses in his android device. See in bellow-

How to make 4G Faster on an Android

The several image are showing something and this is denoted the WiFi signal strength of available WiFi Networks mobile data. Now here you are free to check your strong signal available nearby you. Now you can go at that place, where strongest single available, to get the fastest download speed here. So you see bellow pic and then go so for.

Mobile Network Speed (Download WiFi)

Kill WiFi if Using WiFi Connection(Root Required)

This is second way to increase the downloading  speed in your device. And this also very simple and very easy.  Here if you are using the WiFi Network in your android device and other device are also connected to your WiFi connection, and also using the WiFi data and you will get the slower downloaded speed in your device. Than in this case you use the WiFi killer app, for kill WiFi connection of other device and than your downloaded speed increase in your phone easily.

Go To – How to use Kill WiFi connection with iPhone and iPad iOS Device

Use ADM With Best Possible Settings

If you are using the IDM(internet download manager) in your PC and advance download manager(ADM)  is both are very similar. Before many year i also using the ADM in this PC, and i also find that this is the best download manager for the android device. ADM manage the file in the multiple parts starting to 9 for give you maximum possible download speed in android device. Go in the bellow and see step by step.

  • First of all download the ADM in your device from the play store, i have also given the link bellow, so go to play store and download this-

Play Store

  • And after the downloading the ADM in his android phone, open this and go to on the top left button.
  • And then downloading tab, and go to the option  like in picture bellow.

Number of downloading – 3

Number of Threads – 9

Speed of downloading –  MAX

Smart Download – ON

  • And than go to settings, try to downloading some stuffs in your phone with ADM, you will get the maximum download speed in your device with bellow step


Restart WiFi Modem/ Disconnect and Connect Mobile Data

When you are using the modem and you are restarted this from the many time, than you fill slow download speed in your device, which are the decrease ISP and now you can try to restart your modem. When sometimes there are many other quality modem can not handle high pressure of data connection, so they do some throttling, which cause slower internet downloading speed. In here you you restart your WiFi modem once, it is fastest download speed also.

Reconnect The Mobile Data –

Generally there are many network provide do throttling on the data connection, here when you are using this in your device sim card from long time, then try to disconnect data connection from your device, and also wait one or two minute. When you are done this than try to connect with your data connection again,  here you feel there is the many difference in downloading speed. I want say that, this is the very simple and the very easy way to increase the downloading speed in his device.

Final Words

Friend this is the four way to to increase the download speed in his phone. There are all the very easy and the very simple to using all. If you have any question or any problem to use this application than you are free to message me in the comment box bellow. If you are want see How to Make Videos Using My Photos And Videos. Thank you for visit here.



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