How to enable Developer options on any Android phone

Enable Developer Option In Androids

Even if you’re hesitant to root your Android phone and install a custom ROM, you can still experiment with some features and settings that aren’t activated by default. Every Android phone includes the ability to unlock Developer options, which allows you to test certain features and gain access to parts of the phone that are normally limited. Developer options are, as you would imagine, cleverly tucked away by design, but they’re simple to unlock if you know where to look.


Locate your Android Build number.

Before you can unlock Developer options on your Android phone or tablet, you must first determine the build number of your device. Most phones allow you to find the build number by simply typing it into the search field, but here’s how to find it on a few common devices:

Google Pixel : Settings > System > About phone > Google Pixel Number of constructions

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and later models : Settings > Phone Info > Data on software > Number of constructions

LG G6 and later models :  Settings > About phone > Software information Number of constructions

HTC U11 and later models : Configuration > About > More information on software > Number of constructions

OnePlus 5T and later models : Settings > Phone Info > Number of constructions

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How To Enable Developer Option In Androids

Once you’ve found the screen with your Build number, you must tap it seven times in a row. Yes, you read that correctly: seven times. After a few clicks, you’ll see a tiny pop-up message that says, “You are now X steps away from becoming a developer,” with a number that decreases with each additional tap.

After the seventh button, a message that says, “You are a developer!” will be visible and the development tools will be optionally opening in Settings. Some phones will alert you that your Android phone is tinkering, but just tap OK to remove it. While several options are limited to developers, such as USB debugging and bootloader unlocking, you can also find high-quality audio codec toggles, key features, and CPU usage. Experiment at your own risk completely.

Disable the Developer options.

Although Google used to require a factory reset to remove Developer options from your phone, it’s now much easier to do so. Most Android phones running Nougat and later have an on/off toggle at the top of the screen that allows you to switch off Developer options. The screen will turn grey, and when you leave, it will be deleted from your phone. You’ll need to repeat these measures to get it back.

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