How To Use Whatsapp On My PC/ Laptop

How do i Use WhatsApp on my Lappy

Hey Guys, WhatsApp is most popular messaging application of Android these days. It is used to share image, documents, Audio and video files with a working network connection. WhatsApp is available on playstore for Android operating system now. Sometime there is need to share some files which is available on your PC. So this is time taking to transfer something from PC to Android then share it from whatsapp to your friends.

How To Use WhatsApp On Your PC

To easily access the whatsapp on PC, Whatsapp introduce it’s web version. Which is available in your whatsapp main menu named as WhatsApp Web. Following are the steps to be followed for accessing the Whatsapp account in Your PC.

 Steps For Using The WhatsApp In Your PC

Step -1. Open the Google Chrome browser and go to the URL , On the page a QR code will be seen.

How to use whatsapp on your PC

WhatsApp On PC QR code to be scan

Step -2. Now open the whatsapp in your Android/Windows/Iphone, goto main menu and tap on WhatsApp Web, A QR code Scanner will be open.

How to Use Whatsapp in PC

WhatsApp Main Menu

how to access your WhatsApp account in your PC

Whatsapp QR Scanner

Step -3. Now scan the QR code from your PC browser. Now it’s all ok to use Whatsapp on the PC.

Make sure that your mobile whatsapp having a proper working network connection for sync process.

Now it is all set to use whatsapp in PC, now you have Whatsapp interface in your PC browser as same as your Android Whatsapp. Now you are able to share image, audio, video and document files to your friends from your PC without any restriction.


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