How To Use Double WhatsApp Account In An Android

Can I use two WhatsApp accounts on a dual SIM Android device ? this is the question/confusion of lots of Android users which is sorted out here. In this tutorial I’m going to show you How can we use double WhatsApp account in an android phone. Android phones are generally dual sim devices except some smartphones. Dual sim facility gives us independency to make separate personal and professional life. One sim can used as personal and another is as professional. So now problem arises, which number should be used to make whatsapp account. Nowadays WhatsApp is also used in profession to share document files or another information to your co-workers and to your boss. Message broadcasting is the main feature of WhatsApp which is very useful in profession to convey your instant plan to each of your co-workers.  how to use 2 whatsapp in dual sim phone  WhatsApp becomes very important in our personal life as well.We use WhatsApp to chat with our friends, relatives and our family members.

WhatsApp is social networking site which is used to chat with a person who is familiar to you because WhatsApp Account can only be made using Mobile number. So you can chat only with the persons whose contact numbers are save in your mobile. If you have only one WhatsApp account from a number which is used as personal and professional contact number, What we feel when we are chatting with a personal contact and our boss messages you by seeing you online, It is like Feeling uncomfortable to manage both chats instantly.  So now solve this problem by making both number distinct, And use WhatsApp of both numbers at different time. You will be seen online by your either of one numbers.

Androids have platform for installing only one copy of any application and some applications are preinstalled to your device like single WhatsApp Application, Facebook Application, twitter and many more. So you can not use second copy at similar platform. Here is the trick which is very useful for the users whose need is to run multiple accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Ola and uber etc.

Steps To Use Two WhatsApp Account In One Smartphone

Following are the steps to be followed for running the two whatsapp account with two mobile number in one smart phone.

Step-1. Go to Play-store of your Android phone. Search for Parallel space then download it and install.

How can i use 2 whatsapp in 1 android phone

search form Parallel space multiple account

Step-2. After installing the application , open it and tap on start block.

how to use 2 instagram account in one smartphone

installing parallel space

Step-3. Now you are asked to select the applications whose double account you want to use. By default all social networking applications are selected which are available in your device. So simply untick those which is not required.

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on Your Android Phone

choose the application to be cloned

Step-4. After selecting the desired Apps tap on Add To Parallel Space . Now it is ready to use multiple copy of WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter and many more.

how to use 2 whatsapp in dual sim phone

ready to use the second account

Now it is all set , make the WhatsApp Account using your second number by verifying the number.

Tips About Parallel Space

Parallel space makes you able to handle multiple account of social networking sites. how to run two Facebook account in an android deviceparallel space have many of the extra features which you should know. you can change your parallel space theme to make it attractive, you have option to lock it to protect from another users. By enabling the speed mode you can see a different experience. How to use two instagram account in an android   If you want to add an application after some time then here is a ‘+’ application option by tapping on it you can add any of the application as the second fresh copy.

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on Your Android Phone/ how to run dual facebook account in one android mobile.  This application is useful to those who use double facebook/instagram or any other application. You can run dual whatsapp in single sim android also.  So hope Guys  this trick is really helpful to you so get your second whatsapp account by using this trick. If any further problem persists then comment in the comment section i will help as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting please subscribe us to get more useful tips and tricks.


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