How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet Connection Without Losing Data

Unlock android pattern lock – Without factory reset 

Hi friends, In this tutorial i am going to tell you two way to recover your Android device when you have forgot your Password/Pin/Pattern. In every Android devices there is pattern/pin/password option to unlock the device which is configured by the users. You should also visit Share files from your PC to Android wirelessly But most of the users use the pattern option to unlock the device because it is easy to remember, easy to draw over the screen as well as it makes your device attractive.


 how to unlock pattern lock without internet


When we set a pattern for unlocking the device a recovery pin has to be set to recover the pattern but this recovery pin is usually being missed. In latest models of Androids an extra advance unlocking mode is added as Finger sensor. It means now we have to only verify our finger to unlock the device by an inbuilt finger sensor of device. But a Password/Pin/Pattern is also being configured with it to recover the device in order to overcome the fault of the finger sensor of the device.

Sometime we lock our phone with pattern but forgot the pattern so now it becomes a problem to access the device. So there is two tricks which make you able to access your device again.


1. Google Verification Method

Dear friends as we all know that Android is the mobile Operating System released by Google in 2008. So in order to install any application after purchasing the android device we have to sign in to Google Play Store with a Google account.  So In every Android device a Google account is opened to access the device applications. It is useful in case your device is locked with a Password/Pin/Pattern and you have forgot your password/pin/pattern. You have to follow this trick step by step to unlock your device without any data loss.

  1.   Enter wrong password/pin or draw a wrong pattern until a option is being visible on your lockscreen named as Forgot          Password/Pin/Pattern.
  2.  Now enter your Gmail id which is opened in your device and password of same account.

    How to Unlock Android Pattern Without Losing Any Data

    Enter your Gmail Id and password

  3.  After verifying the account you will be asked to set a new Password/Pin/Pattern. Set a new and pattern/password/pin. Now it is all set, you are now able to access your device. But in this trick an important condition should be there. The condition is data connectivity should be enabled to verify the account over internet. In this trick there is no chance of data loss, so it is safe and secure way to recover your device when you have forgot your pattern/password/pin. But generally most of the users disabled the data connection in their smartphones. They enable the data connection when accessing the application using data connectivity.


  2.Factory Reset Method

Google verification is safe way to recover but both the conditions should be fulfilled. In case any one condition is not be fulfilled then Google verification method will be fail. Now another option is Factory Reset the device. In this case all the data of your device storage will be deleted like contacts, messages, Media files, and all applications installed by you. But if you have set backups of all the datas then you will be able to recover all of your files again. So follow the trick step by step to access your device again.

  1.   Switch off your device.
  2.   Press and hold the volume down key with power (lock ) key  until your device vibrates for a short time. 
  3.   Now there are some options on your screen like reboot, recovery etc, use volume up and down key to scroll the options and  select the recovery.
  4. Now you have the options like reboot, wipe data and factory reset on your screen. Select the Factory Reset press power key to perform the same.  After confirmation your device will start factory resetting process.

    How To Bypass Android Pattern Lock Without Losing Data?

    Recovery>>Factory Reset

After the completion of the process, you are able to access your device again. The device is as same as at the time of purchase. Install the essential applications and start using your device again. If you have backed up your data to a Google account then enter your gmail id and password. All the backed up contacts, messages, media files will be automatically downloaded to your device. This trick is also useful if you have backed up your datas, contacts etc to your google account.



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