How To Take A Screenshot On Smartphones

Hi friends, Nokia mobiles is again available in the market of smartphones with their attractive and powerful Android Smartphones. In the market of android smartphones, the comeback of Nokia Smartphones is favorable or not it will not be decided until company reveal it’s marketing information.


Nowadays screenshot in smartphones are the general feature but most of the users still unknown about this feature, but i want to say it is very useful feature of the smartphones.  This feature is special program of the some smartphones and hidden in some smartphone also. Screenshot capturing is performed via different shortcuts in different smartphones. Most of the users think that screenshot can be taken in the same way in all smartphones but it is not so. In this tutorial i will tell the shortcuts of taking the screenshot in some famous brand smartphones.

I have already make you know How to take screenshot in PC in my previous tutorial .

Screenshot is not a new stuff but is quite old, the first screenshot taken by a computer around 1960.Screenshot support was added to Android in version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). In older versions, some devices supported screenshot functionality with the combinations of two keys. The importance of the screenshots are as suppose you are browsing internet and making a online payment and you haven’t any printer and PDF writer then how can you save your transaction number and details after successful payments. In this case Screenshot is one of the best trick to save the image screenshot in JPEG image file. How to hide A folder in My PC using Command Prompt

The shortcuts of taking screenshot in famous android smartphones are as follows:

Nokia Smartphones

In Nokia smartphones the key of combinations are Power key + Volume Down Key . If you want to take a screenshot in your Nokia Smartphone then Long press the Power key and Volume Down key until you feel a short vibration or hear a sound of capture simultaneously. This trick is applicable only for the Nokia Android smartphones. In Nokia Windows smartphones this trick is not applicable. Nokia have recently launched it’s Android in the market of android smartphones. So this trick is most useful for the users of the Nokia Smartphones.

How to take screenshot in Nokia 6

Samsung Smartphones 

In Samsung smartphones the key of combinations are Power key+ Home key .ie If you are using a Samsung smartphone then you can take screenshot by long pressing the Power key And Home key simultaneously.

How to take Screenshot in Samsung c7

Vivo Smartphones

In Vivo smartphones the screenshot is an advanced program of the brand ie you can do so many advance with the screenshot in the Vivo smartphones. If you want to take screenshot of your desired screen-size instead of whole then there is Rectangular Screenshot option in Vivo Smartphones. Now if you want to take a screenshot of the down pages within one page ie scroll-able screenshot then there is a long screenshot option available in the Vivo Smartphones. In Vivo Smartphones an advanced feature is available to record the screen activity known as Screen recording. The Shortcut of taking the screenshot in Vivo smartphones is pressing the power key with home key at same time.

How to take Screenshot in Vivo V5+

Oppo Smartphones

In Oppo smartphones there is the key combination of Volume Down Key With Power Key .  Ie if you are using an Oppo smartphone then you have to long press the Volume Down Key And Power Button until you feel a short vibration or hear a sound of capture simultaneously.

How to take Screenshot in Oppo

Mi Smartphones

Mi Note 4 is very popular smartphone of the Xiaomi Redmi mobiles. If you are using a Redmi smartphone then you have to long press the Volume down key with power key until you feel a short vibration or hear a capture sound.

How to take Screenshot in Mi Note 4Conclusion

For all other brand smartphones try any one of the above combination to take screenshot. Hope this trick is useful for you, If any problem persist regarding this article then feel free to comment in the comment section, i will assist as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting, Please subscribe us to know more tricks and tips. Should Know How to Format the PC/Laptop , Know About Whats app Scams: Don’t become a Victim. Thank you.


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