How to enable Developer options on any Android phone

Enable Developer Option In Androids Even if you're hesitant to root your Android phone and install a custom ROM, you can still experiment with some features and settings that aren't activated by default. Every Android phone includes the ability to unlock Developer options, which allows you to test certain features and gain access to parts of the phone that are normally limited. Developer options … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone

The iPhone is a fantastic phone with a stylish style. If you're sick of the way your Android phone looks or are simply shocked at how customizable your Android phone is, there are a plethora of applications you can update to make your Android phone look like an iPhone (or any other phone). The disadvantage of transforming your Android device into an iPhone is that you will need to use one or … [Read more...]

How to Control a PC From An iPhone or Android Device {100% Working Method}

Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device If you are unable to operate at home, you can also use to Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device too. This can be accomplished between computers, or you can use Microsoft's Remote Desktop service to Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device. You will use it to access the screen, open folders, and deal with programs almost as conveniently … [Read more...]

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