How To Increase Speed Of Laptop / PC to increase Performance

Hey Guys, I am again with a useful trick about performance of PC. There are many useful application on the net. Computer becomes the basic need of the peoples these days. The speed of PC depends upon the RAM capacity and the application software. More application softwares make your PC usually slow. In current generation of computer, Laptops and desktops comes with higher RAM capacity, But we can’t use total space of the memory , some part of the RAM is filled with important files of operating system software. At the time of booting the RAM is totally free(only usable space of RAM) , As you starts up applications RAM is start filling and speed of the system slows down. Some applications become started in background.

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After time to time the performance of the system slows down because at the time of running of application software temporary files are automatically saved in your hard drive which is cached under RAM. So the performance of PC slows down. Some unuseful applications occupy the space of RAM as well as hard drive. So we have to delete the temporary files as well as uninstall the unuseful to boost up performance of my laptop for gaming.

Here are the steps to uninstall the unusefull applications.

Steps For Uninstalling The Unuseful Application Softwares

Step -1. Go to control panel tap on the Programs and features.

how to increase laptop speed windows 7

Control Panel

Step-2. Tap on the useless application software and uninstall it before doing so make sure that software is unuseful.

How to speed up a slow computer

Uninstalling the useless Softwares

Now your PC have no burden of useless softwares, reboot your Computer/Laptop and go to second option of deleting the temporary files. Sometime Temporary files are much more so the speed of copying, moving etc got slowed. Following are the steps to delete temporary files.

Steps For Deleting The Temporary Files

Step-1. Go to search-bar of your system. Enter %temp% tap enter.

Improving System Performance without Adding Memory

Search-Bar in Windows 8

Step-2. You are now exploring the temporary files which is made at the time of running of softwares and useless after completing the process. So select all (ctrl+A) , then delete it permanently (shift+delete).

how to speed up my laptop windows 8

Temp folder


How To Improve Laptop Speed

Select And Delete All Files

Step-3. Restart the system.

How To Improve Laptop Speed

Some files are still not be deleted which is temporary files of currently running softwares, so simply skip it. To prevent it, delete the temporary files just after booting(start-up the system). Now the performance of your system is better than before. Now you can enjoy the uninterrupted gaming experience.


Hope, this trick is really helpful to those who are facing the slow performance of PC. For further assistance feel free to comment below in comment section, I will assist as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting , Please subscribe us to get more useful tips and tricks. See also 3 Best WiFi hacking app for android.


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