How To Share Files From PC To Mobile Via WiFi


      How do I transfer files from my Android to my PC? Hey Friends, you can transfer the files from your PC to Android over wifi. Here is the trick by which you can transfer the files without using any data cable. Sometime connecting the data cable from your PC to your Android device is harmful to your PC as well as your Android device, to overcome this problem transfer the files of any size via wireless technique. See also Create the Smaller PDF Documents Files.  When ever you need to transfer files of big sizes from your PC to your Android, data cable is not the good platform for it due to its data trafficking problem ,connection problem and also it is so time taking . So use the wireless facility for better speed and protection.




HOW to transfer files from PC to android phone without USB

Laptops and Androids have inbuilt wifi feature but in case if you are using a desktop you have buy a wifi device. Nowadays smartphones come with higher storage capacity so we can have files of any size in our Androids. If we have to transfer any document,image, audio, video files from our PC to Android Or Android to PC , Wifi is the best option and fastest way for same. However the latest smartphones are OTG supported but it is also a lengthy process to transfer a file from our smartphones to pendrive then pendrive to PC and vice versa.

how to transfer files from pc to android phone without usb

Share Files Between PC and Smartphone

In laptops Bluetooth is also a wireless medium to transfer the files but it is not so useful because it’s speed problems. So Bluetooth is not a convenient for transferring the files of higher sizes.  NFC(Near Field Communication) is another wireless transfer technique for a short range. But In order to use NFC both of the devices must have the this feature.

Now the WiFi is the next option for transferring the data big sizes. WiFi is the best option because nearly every devices have this technology so it is convenient to use this feature to transfer the files. Many of the applications are available on Google Play Store using WiFi to transfer the files some are only helpful to transfer the files between two Androids but not available to making connection via PC.

Now the best application for transferring the data compatible for both of the devices (Android as well as PC) is Share-it, which is choice of every Android user to transfer the data from Android to Android. Share it provides facility to transfer application, document, image, audio, and video files of any size. ShareIt for Android is available on playstore free of cost.



PC to Phone Transfer Software 

Steps For Transferring The Files Using WiFi

Step-1.  Open the browser of your PC and go to the URL

Step-2. This is the Official website of share it here you can find the share it for any of your devices like Android, Windows, Windows phone, iOS and Mac device. Download the windows version of software and install it to your PC.

mobile phone to pc software for file transfer free download

Share it official website

Step-3. Now run the Share it application in both of your devices Android as well as PC. Go to menu of the share it of your Android device and Tap on the Connect To PC.

Wireless File Transfer - Android to PC

Connect to PC

Step-4. Now Tap on the Scan the QR code option and in your Pc Tap on the show QR code,  Also a manual facility is available for making the connection by entering the password which is visible on your PC’s shareit interface.

Fastest Ways to Transfer Files Between PCs and Mobile Devices

Scan the code


So now a connection is established between your PC and Android device start transferring the files. Share it have many of the additional advanced features. You can make backup of your photos in PC. Use your PC as a projector for your Android device, Sometime you want to view your smartphone’s photos and videos on a big screen then this will be useful to you at that instant. If you want to access your PC’s Hard Drive in your Android just tap on Remote View option.

Last Words

Hope this tutorial is useful to you Guys so follow the trick to make fastest transfer of data between PC and android. If you have any problem or any query  for further assistance fell free to comment in the comment section. You can Also see Increase the downloading speed. Thanks for visiting, please subscribe us to know more tricks and tips about technological stuffs.


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