How To Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone In Android – New Way

Guide – Low Battery Notification Ringtone

Hello friends, I am back with a new and awesome trick, in this my post i wants to tell about How can you get low battery Notification Ringtone in my Android Device. There are many user are using mobile much time, and he did not care to the battery unit, then his battery is going to empty and mobile phone is switch off. Here this application is very important to indicate the battery level. When ever our Android phone ran out of battery and we miss out low battery notification inbuilt in most of the android Devices. Sometimes, we also miss out default low Battery alert in our android phone, and after that our phones is going to switch off due to low battery issues.  After that i thought to post a best application in which you can set notification ringtone when your phone is going to low battery.

With the help of this simple and easy application you can also set Full battery Notification ringtone. Your battery level is going to 0% when your WiFi or hot-star or your mobile data is on. It will automatically turn off at 0%battery level. In an Android Devices there are the most of devices have inbuilt battery notification tone, That is a best trick to save your Android devices.

Way to Set The Low Battery Notification Ringtone in Android

There are some of the easy way step by step in below. To know how can use this application and set low battery notification alert ringtones in your android device. That application is very useful when your battery is about to die, I am also using this application in my android device, and it works better. There are many friend are using this application and In my Android phone i also use this app and when my WiFi potshot on and when my battery is low, than this app ring phone and not to turned off to low battery, because we will put phone on charge. So you download this app, fallow me in below step by step.

  • At the first, Download and install Battery Notification BT free application in your phone from here-Download
  • After Download  in your device ,now open it and to click to Settings


  • To select the Low Battery Charge Options,


  • After then select low battery Level of your choice when you get notified, Select repeat interval, how often it would repeat alarm, Select Vibration, Sound Mode, and Notification Ringtone.

  • After that, when the device reach the battery level then selected, device will ring phone and you will be get notified that your phone’s battery is low and you to change your phone now.


So friends, there are many product are available on the net but after this way…,That was the way to setting up Low battery notification ringtone in Android. If you have any query or suggestions regarding this blog then comment Below, i am trying my best to help you. Thank you for reading this blog. Yo can also see this Best 3 WiFi Hacking Application For Android.



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