How To Use Double WhatsApp Account In An Android

Can I use two WhatsApp accounts on a dual SIM Android device ? this is the question/confusion of lots of Android users which is sorted out here. In this tutorial I'm going to show you How can we use double WhatsApp account in an android phone. Android phones are generally dual sim devices except some smartphones. Dual sim facility gives us independency to make separate personal and professional … [Read more...]

[100% Working]How To Download Youtube Videos

Hey Guys, I am again with a new trick for Android Users. We all know that YouTube is biggest source of videos on internet. It is worldwide resource of videos as a part of Google. YouTube is themed as broadcast yourself means that every user who have an account on Google can upload their videos on this to be seen worldwide. Now every android phone comes with pre-installed YouTube application in … [Read more...]

How To Activate Developer Option In An Android

Hello Guys, I am back with a interesting trick about Androids. Only one tenth of users know about this hidden in-built feature of android. Developer option gives you many of the additional features which makes your android performance more attractive. By enabling this option you can change your display transition animation Speed either slower or faster. Also you can control the maximum number of … [Read more...]

How To Increase Speed Of My Laptop

Hey Guys, I am again with a useful trick about performance of PC. Computer becomes the basic need of the peoples these days. The speed of PC depends upon the RAM capacity and the application softwares. More application softwares make your PC usually slow. In current generation of computer, Laptops and desktops comes with higher RAM capacity, But we can't use total space of the memory , some part … [Read more...]

How To Make A Folder Invisible Without Hiding

Hey Guys, here is a new trick to make a folder invisible without hiding  in windows. Sometime we have to put some files secret to protect it from another users. So users generally make the folder hidden which causes incryptions sometime. So if you wish that your folder can't be accessed by another users without making it hidden, then solution is here by making it completely invisible. Following … [Read more...]

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