How To Operate Computer With Keyboard: Windows Shortcuts

Hi friends, in this tutorial i am going to tell you about very useful tricks which are very important for all PC users. Computers are widely used in personal as well as professional area. About every professional fields, there are many tasks which can be completed only by using computers. windows shortcut keys   So we can say that in every profession, computer plays basic and important roll. Nowadays many studies are there for getting a chance to get a job on computer. In every corporate and government departments there are a designation for a computer operator or stenographer. Computer operator should know how to perform a programs in less time and more accurately. Monitor your Kid’s Activity on their Smartphones

Computer Shortcut Keys

Professional Computer operators use keyboard more than mouse, which is not possible for all PC users. There are many shortcuts available for handling and controlling the performances of the system without using Mouse. By using a mouse it takes comparably more time to control the program performances.Navigate Windows Without A Mouse  In professions there are so less time to perform the tasks like in banks, in financial corporations and institutions, we have to perform the action in very less time, so we should know to operate the system with optimized use of mouse and keyboards. Also Try How to Take Screen Shot in My Laptop

Windows Shortcut Keys

Some of the Shortcut keys are known to maximum users but not to all. In this tutorial we are going to learn about every shortcut keys available by Microsoft Windows to control the overall performances of the PCs. Share Files From PC to Android Over WiFiGenerally select All,cut,copy and paste‘s shortcuts Ctrl+A , Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V respectively are known to maximum users. So below are the more shortcuts for windows.

 1.  Control Key Combinations –     

Use Windows computer without keyboard or mouse

Control Key Combinations

In these combinations all the shortcuts keys are pressed with pressing the Control keys. All the control key shortcuts are useful for all the users because it’s use is very common. Control key combinations are generally used in folder management, file management and typing Applications such as Notepad, Wordpad etc. Also visit How to make a folder without name in pc

  1. CTRL +A                                                                                 Select All
  2. CTRL +X                                                                                 Cut the Selected Items
  3. CTRL +C                                                                                 Copy the Selected Items
  4. CTRL +V                                                                                 Paste the Copied Items
  5. CTRL +Z                                                                                 Undo
  6. CTRL +B                                                                                 Bold Text
  7. CTRL +I                                                                                  Italic Text
  8. CTRL +U                                                                                 Underline Text
  9. CTRL +ESC                                                                            Start Windows Menu
  10. CTRL + WINDOWS+ F                                                      Find the directory(searching)
  11. CTRL +TAB                                                                            Switch the tabs in the browsers
  12. CTRL +F4                                                                                Search the files in the directory
  13. CTRL +SHIFT + DRAGGING A FOLDER                    Creating the shortcuts

2. Alter Key Combinations –Alter Key Combinations

These combinational shortcuts are pressed with pressing the Alter key. The Alter key combinations are applicable  in folder management and control system.

  1. ALT + Double Click On The Folder                                      Property of the selected folder
  2. ALT + TAB                                                                                      Switching the opened Programs
  3. ALT + F4                                                                                          Quit the Program
  4. ALT + SPACE                                                                                 System Menu Of the Main Window
  5. ALT + ENTER                                                                                Property of the selected folder

3. Shift Key Combinations –

Shift Key Combinations

In these combinations, all the shortcuts are applied with pressing the Shift key. These shortcuts are also used for File and Folder management.

  1. SHIFT+DEL                                                                                     Deleting the items permanently
  2. SHIFT+F10                                                                                      Open the shortcut menu for the main windows
  3. SHIFT+TAB                                                                                     Switch to the previous control

4. Windows Key Combinations –


Windows Shortcuts

In these combinations, all the shortcuts are applied with pressing the windows key. These shortcuts are used to control the windows operations.

  1. WINDOWS                                                                         Start Menu
  2. WINDOWS+ R                                                                  Run dialog box
  3. WINDOWS+ M                                                                 Minimize the Current Windows
  4. WINDOWS+ SHIFT + M                                               Undo Minimize
  5. WINDOWS+ D                                                                  Minimize all the windows and show the desktop
  6. WINDOWS+ E                                                                  Open Windows Explorer
  7. WINDOWS+ F                                                                  Find Files OR Folders
  8. WINDOWS+ P                                                                  Screen Projecting Management
  9. WINDOWS+ L                                                                  Log Off Windows

5. Fun Key Shortcuts

Some shortcuts are directly applied by the fun keys. These shortcuts are used for generally help and operational managements.

  1. F1                                                                                        Start Windows Help    
  2. F2                                                                                        Renaming the Item
  3. F3                                                                                        Find the file
  4. F4                                                                                        Search In Another Directory
  5. F5                                                                                        Refreshing The Current Windows
  6. F6                                                                                        Controlling The Menu In Windows Explorer  
  7. F10                                                                                     Activating Menu Bar Options

 Shortcuts For Shutting Down The Computer

In Windows XP Press Windows+U+U ( Press windows then two times U) to Shut down the computer. In Windows 7/8.0/8.1/10   OSs ALT + F4 +Enter pressed to shut down the system.If you gone through this article you can know most of the shortcuts to control the system completely. These shortcuts make easy to operate the system. It is also helpful to optimize time consumption.

Last Words

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