How To Monitor What Your Child Is Doing On The Smartphone?

Child Monitor

Hi Friends, In present all the three generations are together addicted to the technological stuffs like smartphones, tablets and computers. You know an interesting facts about us ? it is as ” We are the last generation whose childhood’s photo could not be taken by a mobile”. Nowadays Smartphones become the need of every generation. Students use the smartphones to surf their useful education tools and other learning opportunities over Internet.   They need internet to complete their assignments, homeworks and other activities.


Smartphones and internets are not only the bless for the children but is a curse also. Because there is many antisocial things available on internet which makes negative impact on kids for a long time. Due to these antisocial things, parents should have to worried about their kids. As we all know about a bad thing made minor effort to attract the kids but a good thing have to make a major effort to attract the kids.

So Nowadays it is important to watch over what your son is doing with his smartphone. It is also important to protect your son from all the harmful threats over internet.

Due to generation gap you are not able to talk with your kids about all this, and you can’t ask your kids what are they doing with their tablets, smartphones or computer. If you want to monitor which site they visit, what kind of friends they make, What language they use while talking with their friends and where are they spending their time, then you have to be aware about their activity and take help of this article.

How Easy Is It to Stay On Top of Your Child's Online Life?

In order to monitor the activities and location of your kids a software named as Kidguard is useful to you.  The other benefit of kidguard is that it works without acknowledging to your kids. It means you can monitor your kid’s activity over internet, messaging , calling, and chatting without his agreement.

Kidguard Software? 

Kidguard is an useful software for the parents, who are aware about their kid’s activity over smartphones and internet. It provides you a smart monitor over your kid’s activity. Parents can spy over their kid’s activity and can see their phone calls, messages, browsing history,Website visited,  installed apps, chats, GPS location.

As we all know about advantages and disadvantages of internet. So we have to be aware about whether our kids are addicted to disadvantages of internet like adult videos, cyber threats, and other online things which can addict our kids for a long time. Your kids will not tell you everything even they are so open to you. So with the use of Kidguard software you can watch over your kid’s activity.

Works of KidGuard –

Kidguard is an useful spy and parental control software. It has a very easy user interface. The condition for kidguard is both device’s internet connection should be enabled.

Images And Videos –

By using KidGuard software, you can spy over your kids about what types of videos and images they are watching.

Track messaging Application –

Kidguard makes you able to track messaging applications as well as text messaging of your kid’s device. You can monitor all the chatting of your kids. Which type of friends is your kid chatting with. What kind of messages your kid is sharing with their friends.  With the help of Kidguard software you are able to read the messages text by text of your kid’s to track a cell phone without installing software

 Track your Kid’s Call History –

Kidguard make you acknowledged about all the incoming and outgoing calls of your kid’s Phone. Not only contact numbers also you are able to know the time of call and call duration.

how to monitor internet activity on wireless network

Websites visited –

Most important thing is that to know whether your kid is addicted to any adult websites. With the help of Kidguard software you are able to know which websites are browsed and surfed by your kids. By knowing the websites visited by your son be sure about, Are those sites safe for your kids? What kind of content they serve? So by enabling the browsing history in Kidguard software you are able to do so.

 Track GPS Location –

how to know location of my phone You can trace your kid’s location when they are outside home. You can easily detect the wrong information provided by your kids about their location.

 Social Networking Sites And installed Applications –

You can also visit the activity of your son over the Social networking sites as well as which type of applications are used by your kids.

Final Words

So install KidGuard to your Android device and signup and Enter detail of your kid’s smartphones as asked. And Control your kids Activity by monitoring them. We should aware about our kid’s activities. Thanks for visiting, Hope this trick is useful to all of you for being a good parents. Please subscribe us to get a daily dose of useful tricks in your Email. Also try How to make a android device run faster And How to Bypass Android Pattern Lock


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