How To Make A Folder Invisible Without Hiding it – New

Hey Guys, here is a new trick to make a folder invisible without hiding  in windows. Sometime we have to put some files secret to protect it from another users. Also you can see Activate the visitor mood in vivo. So users generally make the folder hidden which causes inscriptions sometime. So if you wish that your folder can’t be accessed by another users without making it hidden, then solution is here by making it completely invisible.

Following are the steps to be followed to make a folder invisibe.

Steps for making a folder completely invisible

Step-1. Tap on the folder which you want to make invisible, then go to it’s property.

How to make a folder invisible without hiding

Property of the folder

Step-2. Tap on customize submenu, click on the change icon block.

how to hide a folder

customize submenu in the property

Step-3. Select the invisible icon by scrolling the list left to right.

how to hide a folder

choose the invisible white icon from the list

Step-4. Now your folder becomes invisible but the name of the folder still visible.

How to Create an Invisible Folder in Windows

renaming the folder

Step-5 Now tap on the folder again go to rename the folder write the folder name as Alt+255 and enter.

How can I hide a folder in Windows 7

enter the name as Alt+255

Now refresh the folder to update the status of folder. So it will be completely invisible and on the very first position now so it is invisible to those users who don’t know about it.

Final Verdict

I Hope, it is useful to you guyz now make sure that your private folder can not be accessed by any other user. Sometime this function may not working so cool guyz and go to update the windows and supporting drivers.for any further assistance feel free to comment in comment section below. See also Torrent Downloading app. Thanks for visiting please subscribe us to get more useful tips and tricks.


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