How To Make Android Phone Run Faster

How to fix a slow Android phone ? Android is most popular mobile and tablet operating system these days. Android devices now come with usually high RAM capacity. Many of the applications are there for Android platform. In Android devices we can do everything like net surfing, mailing and accessing many entertaining applications. More applications make the Android devices running slow. Applications are running in the temporary memory of the device.Also try Make video with your Photos and videos When we are booting the Android devices the temporary memory (usable part of RAM) is totally free. speed up android tablet   But when we start launching the applications, consumption of RAM get starts. But this is not the reason behind the slow running Android devices.


 The process of getting slow of Android devices is as same as Computer devices. But A computer device slows down due to formation of temporary files during the access of the application softwares. In previous tutorial, I have already apprised you about How to speed up a slow PC .  Just like formation of temporary files in PC, Junk files and Cache files are formed in Android devices during the operation of application softwares. These Junk files and Cache files occupy both of the memory, temporary memory as well as hard drive of our Android devices. These junk files caused to slow down the Android devices. Sometime our devices got hanged due to excess of these junk files.

What are Junk Files ?

Junk files are formed during the operation of any of the application softwares, it is stored in the Internal memory of your device at primarily basis but just after booting it occupies some space of RAM too. Junk files are totally worthless.

So in order to restore the speed of Android devices we have to remove these junk files. But again when you will run any application software, playing game or accessing the internet through any browser, Junk files will again start forming.

Another file named as Cache file is also worse file which occupies useful spaces of RAM. You have to delete Cache files also.

What are Cache files?

Cache files are formed during the accessing of Internet through any browser application or accessing the Memory of Android devices by any third party application. For Example, If you are using a third party photo viewer application a cache memory mediates between the storage memory of your Android device and the Internal storage memory of the particular third party application.

Cache files are also worthless, should be deleted as same as junk files. We have to delete it with deleting the junk files.

my phone is slow how do i make it faster ?

Follow the all the three trick to make your Android device faster

Uninstalling the Useless Applications

Now i am going to tell you how can we delete the junk files and cache files to make our device faster. First of all we have to delete the useless application from our Android device. Make sure which application is useless in your Android device and Uninstall it. Follow the trick step by step to uninstall the useless application.

  1.  In some latest Android devices you have extra access permission to uninstall and remove the application from it’s home screen , like Samsung galaxy smartphones, Vivo Smartphones and Oppo Smartphones.
  2. If you are using any of these devices You have to press and hold the application until a pop up option is shown there. Tap on drag the application to uninstall option. It will Uninstall now. If you are using another smartphone device then follow the steps from step 3.
  3. Go to setting menu.
  4. Tap on the Application Manager  then Installed Applications.

     speed up android phone without rooting


  5. Tap on the Application which you want to Uninstall.
  6. Now Tap on the uninstall .

Now your device have not extra burden of useless applications. Now next Step is to delete the Cache files of the Device.


Deleting the Cache Files

For deleting the Application Cache Files follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Setting Menu.
  2. Tap on the Application Manager then Installed Applications.
  3. Tap on the high storage using Applications one by one. Memory used by application will be shown in your Application Manager.
  4. Then tap on the clear cache. 
    why is my phone so slow all of a sudden

    Installed Applications

    how to make android phone run faster

    Clear Cache

Now it is also done. Now follow the last step which makes more effort to make your device performance better.

Deleting the JUNK Files

In order to delete the Junk files you have to take help of any one of the third party antivirus application software. So follow the steps to delete the junk files.

  1. Go to PlayStore of your Android device, Search for CM Security , download and install it.
  2. After Installing, launch the application and Tap on CLEAN Junk Files, it will take some time to search the junk files.

    Tips and tricks for speeding up your Android device

    CM Security

  3. After searching the Junk Files, Tap on the CLEAN JUNK.

    Why Your Android Device is Running Slow and How to Speed It Up

    Clear the JUNK files

Repeat the same operation from step 2, twice or thrice in a week to keep your device performance fast.


Now it is all done, reboot your device and take the experience of new performance of your Android. If you are deleting the Junk files on regular basis, your device will run smoothly always. In CM security Application you can also scan your memory device for the viruses And Boost the speed by releasing the RAM space. Hope this trick is useful to you Friends, For any further assistance about this trick, feel free to comment. Thanks for visiting. Please subscribe us to get the daily dose of useful tips and tricks in your Email.


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