Know About WhatsApp Scams: Don’t Become A Victim

 What is WhatsApp Scams?

Scams are an attempt to fraud made over a person or group of persons. We know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging application used to send text message, images, GIF, videos, documents, user location, audio files, phone contacts and voice notes. WhatsApp is fully secured with end to end encryption. The number of users on WhatsApp is now in billions which is growing year by year.  According to a post on company’s blog , more than 100 millions voice calls made per day on WhatsApp. WhatsApp crossed 200 million monthly active users in India by February 2017.

WhatsApp Scams


Recently, WhatsApp introduced the new facility of video calling which made it complete. Now it replaced all video calling applications and after one more upgrade WhatsApp added one more feature as Status which is just like to Story  on the Facebook messenger and Instagram. In Status you can upload any Photo or Video which can be seen by each one of your contact for 24 hours. You can hide it from some selected contacts by setting the privacy.

We know that every generation is using the whatsapp application due to its easy use interface, And nearly all the three generations grand father, father and son together use the whatsapp messenger. It is benefit to scammers to take advantage of the most of the users, who don’t know about IT scams. Also Try Use WhatsApp On PC Without Any Application Whatsapp Scams are generally made by a link URL named as something interesting about Whatsapp. For example,  A day before yesterday a friend of mine sent a message to me, and the message content was ” You can activate WhatsApp’s New Colors bu Clicking Here”. First of all, i laugh over him and told him about this scam.


So think about just one thing When whatsapp wants to change it’s color, whatsapp’s developers will make a update in the same application which is available for every user after the coding, it will not be possible by going through any external link. Also Try How to Record WhatsApp Voice Calls “The latest new color” scams are spotted by the vigilant Reddit user. In every scams you are told to share the link with your friends over whatsapp by which, most of the users will open the link And then it will be a chain if every receivers trust and open the link and further share it to their friends.

WhatsApp users need to watch out for these scams

  1. WhatsApp Voice Mail Scams 
  2. WhatsApp is no more free Scams 
  3. WhatsApp Voucher Scams
  4. WhatsApp Gold Scams
  5. WhatsApp Voice Calling Scams 
  6. WhatsApp Video Calling Scams
  7. WhatsApp Emoji Scams

In every WhatsApp Scams, after opening the scams you are asked to invite, share and send the scam messages to your contacts. Most of the users are still unknown to these scams. So they easily trust on this scams and open the link and do the task as given there.Only avoiding this scams are solution to evade from became a victim .In order to overcome this type of messages you have to know the following facts about WhatsApp.

  1.  WhatsApp will not sent you any mail.
  2.  WhatsApp updates are available only on Google Play Store and before it, An official announce made regarding   this.
  3.   WhatsApp will not ask you to share any message.
  4.   WhatsApp will not send you any voice mail.
  5.   WhatsApp will not send you any video clip attached with a link.

Scams precaution

So every such type of WhatsApp contents are spams, sent to many users at a time. It is easy to detect them, And for evading to become a victim we have to avoid such scams.  Sometime the scams are made on other online trading websites to purchase costly things for free or for lower costs. These are also a scams, when you enter to place a order you are asked to share the links to some counted contacts either on WhatsApp or on the Facebook. The scams are made by professional scammers. According to a report on a blogging website, ” the money made by scammers from 2012 to 2016 is about 3-4 billion”.  So this became a source of income to scammers.


So be aware by knowing about the scams. Every users should know about these scams. thanks for visiting, Hope this article is useful to all WhatsApp users. Please subscribe us to get daily dose of useful tips and tricks. Must Try Make a Video With Your Photos and Video Recording Clips and Connect your Smartphone to Your PC.


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