How To Use One Whatsapp Account In The 2 Mobile Phones

Hello friend i am coming back after long time. But after long time there is a lot of very interesting  tricks named Using One Whatsapp In the Dual Mobile Phone. In the past post i share the about How to use two whatsapp in one android phones. And here i am going to share the post how to use 1 whatsapp account in the dual mobile phones. I searched more time on the google to share this post but i am unable to got it. But now this is a very popular post on the google and you will got it more than site but here this is specially to you that you can not got this type of method who i shared in bellow.

Basically in these time there are many cu-pales are not sure that his boy friend or his girlfriend how many people to talk on the whatsapp, but after using this application all those are perfectly know that how many people talking on the whatsapp. We can say that this is very necessary to using the cu pales at that time, if they are knowing that all are good or not.  See Also Download The GBwhatsapp.

Before Using This Topic –

  • First of all your phones are Rooted Android Phone(Very necessary)
  • And after this use Titanium Backup Apk – To Download Here
  • Any other whatsapp or normal whatsapp like whatsapp+ or whatsmapp any version you see.
  • And using the internet at this process.

These are the basically requirements points are using whaen we are using this guide.

Advantage Of This Topic –

  • Send The Message from both android phones side.
  • Worked in the very smoothly.

 Use 1 Whatsapp account on 2 Android Phones –

I am going to share this method and you should carefully read and go to step by step to use this. This is a very Effective app. Go to step by step and enjoy this.

  • First of all to download from play store Dual –Download Dual
  • And then open whatsapp from the first android phone, which  is used on 2 phones.
  • And then to go to click menu, Select Whatsapp Web option.

  • And then open whatscan app on the second android phone, and also see the QR code in the application.
  • To Scan QR code from whatsapp to Whatscan application.

  • Now doing this your whatsapp account will not logged in the successfully on your second phone.

2 Method (Give not advice) Some Bad Things on This Guide

If you are using this you have receive SMS, and then it will receive SMS in the only first phone randomly, here you can not read the message from both android phone, sometimes message delivers on the both phones and sometimes only on the one phone.

Install and USE One Whatsapp Account on Two Phones

  • First of all, to sure that you are using the rooted android phone, and titanium backup app installed in your both phone, if you are to ready with these two way , then you go to next process.
  • And then to make sure that you are already installed Whatsapp account on Both Android phones already, and to logged in with account in one phone, which you want to use on 2 phones.
  • After that, you open titanium backup app from your app drawer, and click on the search button and type whatsapp in it.

Important – If the user are using only the data restore method, then to make sure that the other user have same version of whatsapp installed on both of the devices.

  • And at last just after restore data, Open whatsapp in second phone and boom this. That is open on your Whatsapp account, which is using on the first phone. Simply this is the want to using the one whatsapp in two android phones.


Friends, this is way to using the one whatsapp in two phones with rooted android phones. Also you can search Increase the data speed Of Laptop/Pc. If you have any quarry or any confusion to related by this post you can ask me in the comment box and if you are going to another tricks then you go on my site. Thank you visit my site. please subscribe us to get the more useful tips and tricks.


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