How to Schedule Downloads On Andriod- New way

Hello friends, i am back with new and awesome trick Schedule Download Android. In here if you want to download the file in a specific time automatically on android, then this application is only for you and you are in a right way. In this guide i describe this app in step by step in below. To using this download the app in a simple way. You know that, in the market there many android apps available but this is the best application for your device. And here there are many method to tried the download the file at the certain time automatically in your device. In here i create the one of the best application for you, And you enjoy to download this. Also you see-  How to Recall Sent Messages In WhatsApp. That is the best application for using on your device. In here if you wonder why the download scheduler is useful to you, In here if you are using mobile data, it is costs a lot in comparison to the wifi right. In your device if you download the long file then you want to buy the night pack, and you can schedule the downloading in a right way. You don’t even to wake for using in the night pack. This application is also save your money by use the trick of schedule download. To download file in the right way, And that is simple scheduler for any device. You download this app and to enjoy this. See this How to Disable Whatsapp Calling on Android.



Schedule Download on Android –

There are many steps in this post and all the steps are very simple in below. This is one of  the best application for android. In here i am going to use app called advance Download manager for your device. And that download manager is also support parallel thread downloading, and to download the file in the multiple part, and here to save the time to improve the downloading speed. All the steps are given in below and all step are very simple. After using this application you don’t have need to use any type of application for this particulate process. You can see also  How to Compress Images On Android Without Lose Image Quality. Using the schedule download on android process to download from below.

  • First of all to download adm from here-Download Here
  • After Downloaded this to install in your device and simply open it, see in the screenshot-


  • In here you download link of your desired file in this download manger from+icon, see the screenshot in below-


  • And after then to pause your download once it started, and you can pause your download click on file name once. See this in screenshot below-


  • After then to swipe from left to right in this app and goto Settings>Planning.


  • In here to Download file button, select start time and stop time from here to download, see this in a screenshot below-


  • And to download this manager will automatically start downloading at certain time and you do not need to worry about starting your download see in screenshot in below-


Last Words

Now friend, hope this is the best guide to schedule download on android phone. I think using this tutorial you have not any problem to use this application. If you have any question or any query then you can ask me in comment box below. I tried to help you. Enjoy scheduling download on your device. Thank you for visit. Also see How to recall the whatsapp message.


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