How to Remove Watermark From Prisma Images from Android

Remove Prisma Watermark From Your Images

Hey guys, i am back with new and awesome trick named Remove Prisma Watermark. I am going to talk about how can you remove watermark/logo from the images which is edited by prisma android application. That is one of the most popular application on the play store at this time. It adds a watermark of prisma when you posting images on media it is not good idea to having a watermark on pictures so guys I am just going to tell you a good idea for removing Prisma Watermark from pictures in your android phone. Prisma watermark impact one of the best impact guys which you can follow in images.



See this Top Android Unlock Software To Unlock Sim Lock On Android. This app adds it’s watermark(logo) in images for making this app popular but if you do not like their Watermark in your pictures then I would like to tell you the idea of removing Prisma Watermark in pictures.

Remove Logos from Your Photos


When first time prisma was launched for iPhone devices and when it became popular then this app was being made for android too. With the help of play store you can download this app and you can use your device to add some cool impact in your pictures. These days a lot of people are using prisma app for editing their profile pictures too. If you are in the habit of using internet then you may know about this prisma app. Nowdays a lot of people are using this android app in their android phone. It may be that you also noticed that sometimes when you use your android device their server goes down and you were unable to edit pictures because of the heavy load on their servers.

Remove Prisma Logo From Your Image

This application will not work in the offline mode. When you are using the prisma app, it will send your photo to the server and then it will edit the picture from their server and send it to you. If you are using the disable watermark from prisma app you don’t have to need any other third-party application too install. In here only just have to change one setting from prisma application for make this happen on your device. In here if you don’t like the logo of the prisma application in your photo, then you want to follow the simply steps in bellow. Here is the step by step explaining.

The basic form to Remove Prisma Watermark/Logo From Photo in Android

  • First of all to make sure you have already installed prisma app in your Android phone. If have not installed it already, then download this application from the play store And then use this.



  • After Installation, just launch the app and then you will see some options in app ,navigate to the setting menu by clicking on the setting icon.


  • And then Untick on Add Watermark option from the application. See the bellow screenshot.


  • After that, try to edit the images from Prisma, this is no longer to add watermark in images which you will edit from this application. See in below.





When you were doing this by using the prisma app, you disable this add watermark option from the prisma application. There is rare changes that it will be longer add any watermark in the images. If you want to remove prisma watermark from the old picture, then you should have awesome photoshop skill. To download and installed this type of prisma watermark your images. Enjoy this to remove the prisma watermark from the image.

If you can not able to read the all the story on the top them simply fallow to these three steps–

  1. The main photo–take screenshot, hit the Settings button.
  2. Uncheck the Add watermark setting.
  3. Press the back key again to return to previous screen.


This is a very good application for removing the prisma watermark form the images in any android. If you have any question or any confusion in your mind then drop your comment in the comment box bellow. See also How to install busybox in rooted android device.  Thank you for visiting.


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