How to Recall Sent Messages In WhatsApp

Recall Sent Message

Hello friend, I am back again with Recall Sent Messages in Whatsapp. In those day there are many people are using the whatsapp, because at that time this the most popular on the social Media app, We have right now and the chances are 80% of the readers have whatsapp installed on their device. There is a lot of features of whatsapp like stories, status, display picture. In here to actually delete an already to send the message. If you are think it impossible then you goes to wrong way. First you want to know how you can recall an already sent message on Whatsapp? See this Best 3 Ways to Get Paid Apps For Free On Android. In here the post we are glad you ask to us. This type of feature is not only the official yet, This is still in the beta as whatsapp is testing this type of feature in their Team. And that is not a long time. The whatsapp is followed the trend with the introduction of stories in the application, not many. Now in this time they had brought something really exciting. And you can not deny the fact that there are the time when you get messed up as you by mistake sent an abusive or any message to someone which you should not have sent and then you are there lying scratching your head thinking what should not have sent and no need to tension about this anymore. With this the whatsapp Recall send Messages feature, you can actually recall the message. That is enough about the feature. Also you can see Trick To Send Fake Location On Whatsapp.

Way to recall whatsapp message

In here take a look at a few things that you will need in order to get this WhatsApp’s Recall Sent Messages Feature.

  • An active internet connection.
  • Your Android phone

Now there’s noting special that you need as for as requirements on, in here when you have all the prerequisites, and lets us take a look at the steps that you need to fallow in the order to get this type of whatsapp’s Recall Sent Messages function on your device.

How to Recall WhatsApp Messages on Android

There are many steps are write in below and each of the step keep in mind to get the Whatsapp Recall Sent Messages specification on your device, these are allows to recall a message.

  1.  In here first of all to download the latest GBWhhatsapp Apk Here-

Download GBWhatsApp

  1. After the download this you install it on you device
  2. And after the installed open the new GBWhatsApp app here.
  3. To enter your mobile number and to verify it.
  4. In here when the account is ready to have a check sent a message to your secondary number.
  5. And then select that message and tap on menu.


  1. Then to tap on Recall, it will ask for Confirmation.
  2. And tap on Recall.

  1. And at last you have recalled a message successfully and now you will be not able to see the message on your secondary Whatsapp number.

Last Words

That is the best app for using recall whatsapp messages on android. And the message will not be shown instead a line will be shown saying.That function is not yet official by whatsapp but still, you can use this trick by us to amaze your friend and relatives. If you have any confusion or question then you can ask in comment box, i tried to help you better. Thank you for visit.


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