How to Hack Whatsapp Account Ethically Via Mobile And PC

Hello friend i am back with new and awesome trick named Hack Your Friend’s Whatsapp Account Ethically Via Mobile And PC. In this article i am going to talk about how can you hack your friend’s whatsapp account ethically via your PC. There are many people want to know about the hacking, and they also several time of searching in the google by the hacking. But in here i am going to talk about Whatsapp hack. There are many people thinks that the whatsapp hacking is a possible way, and some of also think that it is impossible.

Do you know how to hack the whatsapp account

But in here, there are every website have it’s won permeability or debility. You take the example of the facebook or gmail website accounts can be hacked by Phishing etc. But in here this is the also think that how can i hack someone whatsapp? And if not login id password. I am also describe the way to hack whatsapp bellow. Also you can see Join & Share WhatsApp Group Links Easily Publicly-Whatsapp group Links. If can also know that whatsapp is the way of chatting/calling or sharing the image or video also. And if you just login your friend’s whatsapp on your PC via whatsapp web, then in here you can read the messages, and reply to their message easily without any kind of difficulty. And in here that is doing without any problem. In below there are many example are given and i am trying my best.

How to hacking the whatsapp

Hack Your friend’s Whatsapp Account Ethically Via Android Mobile

if you are interested to the hacking and you like to use this method then you fallow the step in below given. And this also to help you ethically hack your friend’s whatsapp account easily. In bellow there are given some steps, and to know about this then fallow.

  • First of all to tack the mobile of your friend, who are installed the whatsapp in his device and to read their chats secretly.
  • After then open the whatsapp and press the menu, after then click to Whatsapp web.

To hack the whatsapp of any body


  • Then go to the + button from Top right and it will Open QR code scanner, see in the image bellow.


  • If you are not downloaded the whatscan app then immediate download from here – Download Here
  • After downloaded this you want to open the app, and you see the QR code in here.


  • And then you scan QR code from your friend’s whatsapp account to this app.
  • This is done by you and your friend’s whatsapp account is not prosperous logged in this app.
  • Whenever your friend open the internet then you can also see their chats, and also reply the chats, you can also send the photos or videos also.

How to Hack Whatsapp Account Via PC

  • Open whatsapp from your friend’s phone.
  • And to click on the menu, and select Whatsapp web option.
  • Then open the from your PC in Chrome or Mozilla.


  • To see the code with whatsapp QR code scanner and which you was opened with above steps.

How to hack the whatsapp account


  • This is done by you, and you can logged in the PC whatsapp account of others.
  • In here you can also read their chats, send messages from their chats secretly.

To hack the whatsapp account


Some Conditions to Make This Trick Word

If you want to make this trick work, then there are some conditions which you should take care of. In here there are explaining some  conditions, which you may fallow/ready for dig into someone’s whatsapp chatting and read their whatsapp messages.


  1. First of this, mobile data/wifi must be working on Victim’s Device for read their chats and send the messages.
  2. You can also have Victim’s Device in your Hand and Scan code on your via at the whatsapp web for use their whatsapp on your PC.
  3. The victim must not reinstall whatsapp/re-verify whatsapp account, if he does so, your whatsapp web session on the PC will be destroyed.

How to Save Your Whatsapp From Being Hacked With Whatsapp Web

In here if you are thinking that someone also did this on you whatsapp, then this is simply follow in bellow two steps, and it will delete all sessions which are the logged in your whatsapp in the PC.


  • First – Open Whatsapp and tab to the Whatsapp Web.
  • Second – If you see any active session Device, just delete them.


Friend’s, this is the simple and clear way to hack the whatsapp account of any person. To hacking the whatsapp you can also do the chat and sending the image and video. If you have any confusion or any question by this post then you can ask me in the comment box. Thank you for visiting this blog. See also Download GB Whatsapp 5.80 For Android 2017.


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