How To Format A Laptop With Short Way

How to Install A new operating System in My PC –

Hi friends I am again with another trick about PC. Nowadays PCs are the general needs of every category Personal as well as professional. In each and every profession PCs are used to complete many of the projects. PCs are the only device whose use is essential to every departments and sectors. Nowadays no one can think to complete a project without using a system. Some of the steps of the projects of every Profession can only be complete by using a system. For Example The car production company take their first step i.e. designing of the car on the system. The cloth production company design their cloth on the system then implement it by using the materials. How to increase speed of my pc


Install an operating system-

Sometime System are corrupted due to some misuse or viruses And some of the features are stop working properly and asking for the repair of the Operating System. In some condition, situation can be controlled If you are using a Antivirus. But In some cases it is being out of control, in this situation you have only one option to format the System. Use WhatsApp On Your PC Without Any Software. Formatting of the system can be completed in two ways one of which is to format whole system and Install a new Operating System and other one is to Format only the drive containing  Operating system and Install new operating System.

How to full format my laptop hard drive windows 7

So follow this trick step by step to format and reinstall a new windows operating system in your computer.

 Step 1.Insert the disk containing your desired operating system as windows 7, windows 8.0, windows 8.1, or Windows 10. IF you don’t have a disk of operating system, don’t worry you can use a bootable Pen drive Instead of DVD.

Step 2. After Inserting the disk restart your system.

Step 3. Press space key many time until a notification as ” booting from CD/DVD or Pen Drive” is shown on the console of your monitor. By default System is always booting the operating system from the partition containing the operating system in your HARD DRIVE.

Step 4. After booting, a windows Setup tool will ask you to set your Language, Region and Keyboard Input Language. Select English as language, United State region and Keyboard input language also English(United State). After selecting all the preferences tap on the Next. Share Big Size Files from Your PC to Your Smartphones Over WiFi

how to install operating system windows 7

Select Language & Region

Step 5. Now next Windows setup tool will be shown on console tap on Install Now.

How to Format my computer

Install a New Operating System

Step 6. Now Enter Product Key Of your Operating System which is generally written on your DVD or manual. You can eject your DVD to See the product key, and insert after doing so. Now tap on Next .

Product Key Of windows 8

Enter Product Key Of your Operating system

Step 7. After product key Microsoft Software License Agreement will be shown on your screen ,tap the box of “I accept the license terms”, and tap Next.

How do you install an operating system on a new hard drive?

User License Agreement

Step 8. At this step you will be asked to “Where do you want to install windows”  and partition of hard drives are shown here. Following are the two ways to format the system choose anyone as per your need.

how to format laptop windows

Select Partition In which you Want to Install Windows OS

How to Format Laptop

  1. Now If you want to format only one partition which is containing Operating system then tap on the drive, then go to Drive Option (Advanced). Where you have many options you have to tap on format, and after formatting go back to the windows setup and tap on the formatted partition and click Next .       Are You Using WhatsApp : You Should Know About WhatsApp Scams                                                                                           
  2. If you want to format your entire hard drive then follow this step, you have to select partitions one by one and format them by going to their Drive Option(Advance). After Formatting all the partitions you have one more option to delete the partition. If you want to remake the partitions then delete all the partitions and go to new partition, choose capacity and proceed. So after doing all these you have to tap on the partition in which you want to install operating system and click Next .

Step 9. Now it’s all done, your operating system will start installing and after complete Installation System will be automatically restart, Now Eject your DVD, CD or Bootable Pen drive Whatever you used to. Now Install supporting drivers to make your device ready to use.

How to Install Windows 10, 8,8.1, 7, XP and Vista

Installing OS

 Supporting Drivers –

When you purchase a PC, a driver DVD with PC is given to you which works only in your PC because it is associated with motherboard model of your PC . If you have lost your driver DVD don’t worry go to official website of your PC brand. Then go to service and support section then Drivers and Manuals. Enter your Model Number or Serial Number of Your PC.  All the supporting drivers will be shown there, download and install all of them. Now your system is ready to use. Speed Up Your Android Device


Thanks for Visiting, Hope this trick is useful to you. I have mentioned all the important information about the head. If still confused, please comment in the comment section, i’ll assist as soon as possible. Some More Useful Tricks Be Aware About Your Kids : Spy over your Kid’s Activity On Smartphone and Operate Your PC without Mouse : Windows Shortcuts.


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