How to Control a PC From An iPhone or Android Device {100% Working Method}

Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device

If you are unable to operate at home, you can also use to Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device too. This can be accomplished between computers, or you can use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop service to Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device. You will use it to access the screen, open folders, and deal with programs almost as conveniently (though maybe not as quickly) as though you were sitting in front of the monitor. Here’s you can see how you can Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device.

Permit Remote Access

To remotely access a device, it must first be correctly configured. On the machine you want to use, go to Settings > System > Remote Desktop and make sure the Enable Remote Desktop function is switched on.

Keep your PC awake for contacts while plugged in and Make my PC discoverable on private networks to allow automatic connection from a remote computer are all supported by design. To display or change either feature, click the Show settings icon, but you can keep both switched on for now.

While you’re here, make a note of the PC’s name since you’ll need that when you link.

Configuration of Remote Access

Click the Advanced Settings connect and check the box next to Configure Network Level Authentication. This functionality adds an additional layer of security to keep uninvited visitors and malicious users at bay.

Ignore the segment for External connections if you’ll be connecting to a device on the same network through a VPN or another method. The Remote Desktop port segment displays the default port for listening for and accepting a remote link.

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Remote Sign-In

By default, every user with administrator privileges on the remote PC will access it. Assuming you’re logging in to Windows with a Microsoft Account or a business account, the best choice is to use the password to sign in remotely.

If you choose to grant remote access to a separate account, press the Select users who can remotely access this PC connection at the right. Click Add and type the user name you intend to use for the account.

Configure Remote Access From Your iPhone or iPad

You will also use your mobile computer. Download and update the Remote Desktop software from Apple’s App Store to control the device from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Open the app, press the plus (+) button, and then choose Add PC.

Remote Desktop is also available on iOS.

In the PC Name area of the Add PC browser, type the computer name or IP address. In the User Account area, insert the account name you wish to use, or leave the field set to Ask As Required if you prefer to enter the name each time for security purposes.

To add a more convenient mark for this relation, type a name in the Friendly Name area under the General line. Turning on the Admin Mode switch connects you to a terminal session where you can access a Windows server; ordinarily, you can keep this switched off. The Switch Mouse Keys choice switches the left and right mouse buttons.

If your company requires a Remote Desktop Gateway to protect remote connections, you must allow and configure the Gateway choice in the Gateway section.

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Configure Session Options

Swipe down to the System & Audio Redirection section to allow any iOS device functionality you choose to use during a remote link. You can probably steer the sound to play on this unit. If you want to copy and paste, you should also enable the Clipboard. In addition, you will unlock the microphone, video, and remote storage. When you’re done, press the Save button in the upper-right corner.

iOS Connect to a Remote PC

The software can show the device you want to use. Tap the name and symbol of the newly created device attachment. When you first attempt to access the device, Remote Desktop will ask you to check your link. Enable the Don’t ask me again for connections to this machine alternative, and then tap Accept.

iOS Remote Link Toolbar

After that, you should be wired to the remote screen. You can also open applications and windows, navigate the desktop, and perform almost everything you might do while you were seated in front of a monitor.

The software shows a tiny toolbar at the top to help you monitor your remote session. Zoom in on the phone by tapping the magnifying glass button. Tap it once more to zoom out. To use your device’s keyboard, tap the keyboard symbol.

Control Remote Connections

To see all of your remote contacts, tap the middle button. To move to another session, tap on a separate remote link. The toolbar at the top of this page is exclusive to it. Return to the home screen by tapping the Home button, where you can set up or open another link. Tap the Hand icon to enter touch-screen mode, and then tap the Mouse icon to enter browser mode.

To disconnect from the session, tap the X button in the thumbnail. Alternatively, tap Disconnect All PCs to finish all current sessions.

Configure Remote Access Via an Android Device

Remote Desktop for Android functions closely to its iOS equivalent, though the installation phase varies slightly. Get the software from Google Play and install it. As the software is launched, press the plus (+) button and choose Desktop.

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Install Remote Desktop on Android.

If you are in close proximity to the remote device, the software can search for it at this stage. If the PC is found, its name would appear on the computer. Otherwise, click the Add Manually button.

Configure a Remote Link

In the Add desktop browser, enter the computer name or IP address. Tap the Enter any time field for User name, then either leave that option alone or tap the setting to Add user account and type the username and password.

Setup Remote Desktop

Tap Show more choices, then, if desired, enter a friendly name. If your enterprise uses a Remote Desktop Gateway, add the gateway. Select the option to play sound from the remote PC on your computer. You should keep the settings for monitor resolution, mouse keys, admin session, and local storage switched off unless you need to. When you’re done, press Save.

Android Connect to a Remote PC

Tap the name and icon for the newly developed remote session. If you get a notification stating that the credential cannot be checked, check the box that says Never inquire for connections to this PC again and then tap Link.

Android Remote Link Toolbar

You are now connected. To bring up the onscreen keyboard, tap the keyboard icon in the top toolbar. To use the sidebars, tap the hamburger button.

You may then tap the Start New icon to launch another remote session to a separate screen. Return to the app’s home screen by tapping the Home icon. To show a mouse pointer, click the Mouse Pointer button. Tap the X in the thumbnail window for your computer to end the current remote session.

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