How to Chat in Facebook app Without Messenger(Latest)

Chat On Facebook Without Messenger

Hello friend, I am back after a long time with this article named facebook  chat without messenger. This app can run on any android phone. If you are using facebook and you want to use this trick then fallow me till the end. And if you have pages then you can download the pages manager, or if you have groups then also you can download facebook groups this application works in facebook application.This article is very useful in the present time. Also you can see Download Xperia Launcher App For Android.


If you have installed the facebook messenger from play store then you have to go to remove this from your device and to the free from your mobile RAM. This is my approach that in my Nexus 5 Messenger eats 70 MB of RAM and facebook users around 100 to 150 MB RAM which is too poor. I searched from google some application which can easy to replace messenger, now you not able to chat though your friend using facebook application.

How To Use This

This application is also known as facebook chat enabler. In this app when we open the application then i will have a skull icon. If you are using this application than don’t get afraid it is safe and also do not check your conversation. If you are using this and after opening the application you have to download a package it would be of around of 1 MB. And than you can delete that app which you have downloaded without ant cause. I also using this application and i feel that is working in the proper way at this time. When i downloaded this application it was not working in the latest version of Android that is 6.0 and 6.0.1.  This is supported in the device i also given this app in bellow. See this – How to Schedule Downloads On Android. The facebook chat enabler installs a package of messenger which let the facebook app to think that facebook messenger was already installed but the user is using that facebook account from that, and not to delete the latest version application which has installed in your mobile by using facebook chat enabler. Using this application when you will try to open that application it will throw an error of force stop or application error, and than don’t uninstall this application or else facebook will again ask for messenger again. Also you can see – Dim screen Brightness On Android With Best Apps. 

Advantages- Facebook App Without Messenger

In this application there is a best feature, which is to save your device’s RAM, if you fallow this than you will never need to install the messenger app again in your device it is also save tour battery, ram and speed up your device. Now you can enjoy simply facebook application without installing messenger. Also you can see How To Download Rooted Bluestacks Offline Installer For Windows PC. Now there are some points are given bellow.

  • This application size is too short than you need not a big amount of data
  • This application does not take much space of RAM in device because this is already save by installing messenger RAM, than your device works fast and easily.
  • To work in Android 5.0+ Devices.(Also work on Marshmallow)
  • In here doesn’t requires root access.
  • There are many (we can say that to all) feature are launched in this application.


Disadvantages – Facebook app without Messenger

There is no doubt that this is the best application but there some point is not good, which i described in bellow.

  • That can not accept messages request from this application
  • In this application you can not use calling feature with this app
  • And other some little mistake.

Some Requirements When Using Facebook App For Chat With Friends

  • First of all to download and installed the facebook chat Enabler from here-

To Download

Mirror Link

  • And then Uninstall Facebook app + Messenger app from your Phone.
  • If you are already installed this, then running 5.0+ android device.

How to use Facebook Chat Without Messenger App in  Android

In here there are the some simple steps are written in bellow, who are followed by you to enjoy the messages in your facebook application. If you are not installing the facebook messenger then the facebook is force to the user to do this. Now to check the some easy step and fallow this.

  • First of all to download and install Modded facebook App from the give the above Download link and than install it in your device.


  • And after installed the application open it and then login with your facebook Account.


  • Finely this is done by you, With the help of this application without installing messenger you are able to chat with his friends.


Quick Fix Marshmallow

During the crashing of this application that is allow to permissions to this app from App settings. Here if you are using the android device running on the marshmallow then you have to fallow simply this application to take the permissions manually. To fallow the given steps in bellow and to allow this application permissions. Using this to chat with your friends without using the messenger and enjoy it in your device.

Goto Settings – Apps – Facebook – Permissions, And to Tick on All Permissions.


Old Method To Use Facebook App Without Messenger

Here if you have any problem with first method than you can use this formula for using the facebook in your device without using the messenger so follow all step by step with screenshots from below for quickly use facebook app without messenger in your smart phone.

Step 1: First of all to download the given the link bellow, and installed all the facebook chat enabler app from here-


Step 3: Than login to your facebook account using Facebook Application.

Step 2: Open the facebook Chat Enabler and click on install button given in left.

Step 4: After that it will download the another package from the application which will be less than 1 MB.


Step 5; After uninstall facebook chat enabler with the icon of skull because now it is of no use. 


Step 6: And last you are able to use the facebook application and also you can chat with your friend without using the messenger application.


Last Words:

This is the way to chatting his friend without using the messenger. You believe that this type of software are not available for non rooted mobile phones. Also you can see  How To Hack Your Friend’s Whatsapp Account Ethically Via Mobile And Pc. This article is very fine and also you feel that is the awesome trick. If you have any question or any confusion on your mind than you can ask me in the comment box bellow. Thank you for visiting this.


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