How To Hide Your Photos On Android

How to hide a folder in android gallery ?

Hi friends, I am again with a useful privacy trick for your android device. Your android device is not only yours when you are living with your family or friends. If someone asked for your smartphone to make a call ,And after calling he is start accessing your media gallery then how can you forbid him to access your personal files. If you deny to allow him to use your media gallery, he got hurted. How can I lock my gallery in Android? So in order to overcome this problem you have to set a privacy password to your personal files.


How do I hide an album in my gallery?

When your friends see a personal photo of you and your companion in your smartphone then they make fun by blackmailing you. So your privacy gets leak. It is so embarrassing to you.

Way – 1

If you are living with your family, then in this case if your children are using your smartphone, then may be by fault they delete your important files, And may be your spouse see your private photos and make issue of the same while it is not so sensitive. How do you hide files on Android? Friends you don’t know when you have to show your family photos to someone, and when you have to give your mobile to someone else, in this case after giving your mobile you will be hesitated until he return your mobile to you. This is because you have a fear of molestation with your personal photos, videos or any other to hide a folder in android gallery ?

Way – 2

So Obviate this situation by just making sure that all of your personal files are password protected. For doing so some Smartphones have their own applications or features for hiding the personal photos and videos. I have already told you about Visitor mode and Guest mode. How To Hide Your Photos on Android But this feature is only available in some Androids Smartphones. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Or Vivo Smartphone then you have this feature in your smartphone and If you are using any other Smartphone then May be you don’t have this option. Click here to know how to Enable Visitor Mode In Vivo Smartphones .

So in order to protect your files from the access of another user. Follow this trick step by step to hide your personal Photos and videos.

  1.  Go to Playstore and search for Gallery vaultdownload and install it.

    Android gallery hide album

    Gallery Vault

  2. After installing, launch the application set a password to access the files.
  3. Now add photos and videos by tapping on ‘+’ mark.How to Hide Private Picture Folders From the Gallery
  4. choose files and tap on add.Protect Your Privacy: How to Hide Photos on Your Android Phone
  5.  Now go to setting menu of the application and tap on hide icon then select Launch From Dialer. How to hide photos on Android

Now your Gallery vault application is completely hide from your application menu. You can only launch it through going to your dialer and dial ##Password. For example if your password is Waytotricks , then your have to dial #Waytotricks  from dial pad after dialing you will enter in your Gallery vault . Where you can see your private photos and play your private videos.


So Friends if you are thinking about hiding your private photos and videos, go and get this application from playstore it is so suitable for every Android user. Thanks for visiting, Hope this trick is helpful to all of you. Please subscribe us to get daily dose of sizzling tricks. Also Try How to record WhatsApp Calls And  Make Video from your Photos and Video Recordings .

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