How To Hide A Folder From PC/Laptop Using Command Prompt

Hi friends , I am again here to share a great information about PC and Laptops Which can be helpful for you. Friends  there are many private folders which we want to hide from another users. I have already shared some temporary folder or file hider techniques in my previous tutorials. Here I am going to share a more advance technique to do so. Read our guide on How to Make A Folder Invisible to hide a folder to being seen or accessed by another user.

Sometime we want to hide a private folder with a higher level of security for a long time here the previous techniques nearly got failed. Because you can’t make a folder hidden so that is not even accessible by a computer expert. But by using this technique you are being able to hide a folder with an advance level of security so that any computer expert is also unable to access it.

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This trick is strictly hide your folder with a code written to the command prompt. In order to restore the folder which you have hided you have to write another code in the command prompt. One more thing you have to remember the  name of the folder which have you hided.

So follow the steps given below and make the folder hidden.

Step 1. Open the command prompt of your Windows.

Step 2. Write the name of the drive containing the folder. for example C , D ,E  Or so on followed by colon ( : ) and press Enter.

How to hide my folder in Strict mode

Enter the name of the directory and press Enter

Step 3.  Now type Attrib +S +H   and then name of the folder which you want to hide. For example if you want to hide a folder whose name is java then type attrib +s +h java  and then press Enter . The code is not a case sensitive so you are free to write it in any case either small or capital.

how to hide a folder in desktop

attrib +s +h  java  

Now go to drive and see the folder is hidden.

How to hide a folder

Java Folder is hidden now

Now no is able to access the folder which you have hidden. But you have to remember the name of the hidden folder so you can restore it and make accessible again. If you forgot folder name then it cause a problem of recovery. So Be sure about the name of the folder.

If you wish to restore the folder which you have hidden. then follow the step 1 and 2 similarly and write the another code in Step 3 as Attrib -s -h the name of the hidden folder. For Example if the folder name is java then write       attrib -s -h java  and press Enter.

how to hide a folder

attrib -s -h java

Now the folder will be again accessible to you. So the code is much easier but strict to apply on the name of the folder. It is safe ie there is no chance of corruption of the folder because this task is performed by operating System instead of any third party application.


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