How To Enable WhatsApp Call Recording On An Android

Can I record the WhatsApp voice calls ?

Hey Guys I am again with another useful trick about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging application used to send text message, images, GIF, videos, documents, user location, audio files, phone contacts and voice notes at this time. WhatsApp is fully secured with end to end encryption. The number of users on WhatsApp is now in billions which is growing year by year.  According to a post on company’s blog , more than 100 millions voice calls made per day on WhatsApp. Use Double Whatsapp in An Android phone. WhatsApp crossed 200 million monthly active users in India by February 2017.


Recently, WhatsApp introduced the new facility of video calling which made it complete. Now it replaced all video calling applications and after one more upgrade WhatsApp added one more feature as Status which is just like to Story  on the Facebook messenger and Instagram. Go and USe Whatsapp on PC. Whatsapp is given the facilities to use the whatsapp status like photo or video contact for 24 hours. You can hide it from some selected contacts by setting the privacy.

How To Record Whatsapp Calls With Android/iPhone Devices

WhatsApp A Complete Chatting Application

WhatsApp is firstly available for only Apple Devices  followed by symbian platform for Nokia symbian devices but now WhatsApp Messenger Application is available for every platform like Android, Windows  phone , Windows PC , Mac and iOS devices.

So now WhatsApp is used to make voice and video calls for free by using internet. So users started calling the friends, relatives and colleagues on WhatsApp. Also try How to Activate Developer Option In Androids Some time it is required to record the voice calls, Voice calls recording feature is already available in Android devices. But WhatsApp voice calls can not be recorded by this inbuilt application of Android devices.  Voice call recording feature is useful for future references. So now problem arises that how to record the WhatsApp Voice calls. So here is the trick to doing so, use this trick to record the WhatsApp voice calls.

1. Call Recorder for WhatsApp 

WhatsApp Voice calls can be recorded using this application so just follow the following steps to record the WhatsApp calls.

Step-1. Go to playstore Search for the Call Recorder for Messenger , download and install it.

How to enable WhatsApp Call recording on an Android

Call Recorder For Messenger

Step-2. Launch the application, now  floating Options are there on your screen, Enable it.

How To Record Whatsapp Calls With Android

Enabling the Accessibility

Step-3. After tapping on Enable Now, you are redirected to accessibility menu of your Android device so select the call Recorder application and turn it on.

How to record Whatsapp call on your smartphone

Turn On The Accessibility Of The Call Recorder Application

Step-4. By default it will record all voice calls Incoming and outgoing. So if you want to record any one then go to setting of the application and choose the desired one.

Users of Android version below than Lollipop will not be asked to enable the accessibility, it is already enabled by default. So Step-2 is not accessible for Android versions below than Lollipop.

Now It is all set , you are ready to record your WhatsApp Calls. Whenever you are calling from WhatsApp, all the calls are recorded automatically. To listen the recordings, open the application and Tap on the WHATSAPP RECORDINGS icon. Also you have option to explore the recordings by day-wise.

How to record WhatsApp Video Calls ? We can record our WhatsApp video calls by using screen recording feature in latest Androids devices but in older smartphones screen recording feature is not available so to record the WhatsApp calls in the smart phones which have no screen recording feature, The application Video Call Recorder is available on Play store. So get it to enjoy the WhatsApp video call recording feature.

How can I record the WhatsApp video calls

Video Call Recorder


Hope this trick is useful to you Guys , if you persists any problem regarding this trick feel free to comment, I’ll assist you as soon as possible. Also try How to download HD videos from Youtube .Thanks for visiting, please keep visiting for our useful tips and tricks by subscribing us.


  1. If you are using an iOS device like iPhone and iPad and you also want to record WhatsApp call, you may try the Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder. It is mainly designed to record iOS device screen activities like WhatsApp calls. It is very easy to use and I myself have been using it for months now. I have not experienced any issues with it.Just give it a try and see it yourself.


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