How To Connect Android To Tv Wireless

  Connect Smartphone to Smart TV

     Hey Friends I’m again with another useful stuff for smartphone users. In this tutorial i will tell you about a new feature of smartphones. The smartphones of this generation come with a feature known as Screen Mirroring which transfer the screen of your smartphone to your Smart TV.    Samsung introduces the first Smart TV with this feature, it can be very useful to you if you are the fond of playing games. A big screen Interface Enhance your gaming Experience. Also try How to download videos from Facebook If you have a HD movie in your Smartphone device and you have planned about to watch the movie with whole of your family then this is inconvenient to do so with your Smartphone. If you have a Smart Tv then this will be possible to watch the movie with whole of your family.How to do screen mirroring from an Android to a TV ?



How to Connect Tv to Smartphone

How to connect a smartphone or tablet to your TV

Screen Mirroring

      Smart Tv have generally extra features of accessing the internet, Screen mirroring , Watching the movies online and many more. Smart TVs are having either an operating system or a set top box as a operating system control device which controls the Interfaces of the Smart TV but in this case Operating System is loaded on the set top box.

       Smartphones transfers it’s screen interface to Smart TVs with two methods one is wired method in which a HDMI data cable is used to do so. In Old smartphones, in which screen mirroring or screen casting is unavailable, a HDMI cable and MHL adopter is used to cast the ,mobile’s screen on the TV.  One end of the cable is plugged into Smartphones and another end is plugged into HDMI plugin of the TV, MHL adopter is used to establish the connectivity from a USB plug in to HDMI plug to connect phone to tv using usb ?

 how to connect phone to smart tv wireless

Screen Mirroring Wired

           Another method of Screen mirroring is Wireless which works on the WiFi and also known as WiFi Display in some smartphones. Screen Casting , Screen Mirroring And WiFi Display is used for same function in different mobiles.In Samsung smartphones and Samsung Smart TVs this function is known as  “Screen Mirroring”. Also Try How to share files from PC to Android using WiFi .


Connect LED TV to Your Smartphone

       Wireless Screen Mirroring uses  WiFi connectivity of our Smartphones as well as Smart TVs to transfer the audio and video of our smartphones to our Smart TVs. So here is the steps for transferring the screen of Samsung Smartphones to Samsung Smart TVs.

  1.  Open the setting menu of your Samsung Smartphones.
  2. Tap on the Screen Mirroring option.
  3. Now turn on the Screen Mirroring in SmartPhones.
  4. Now Take the remote of your Smart TV, tap on source.
  5. There is many options visible on your Smart TV, select the Screen Mirroring.
  6. Now your Smartphone starts searching for devices, and searched your Smart TV so tap on it a confirmation window will be shown on your Smart TV display so confirm it.


Cast Your Smartphone to LED TV

          Now you are start watching your smartphone’s display on your Smart TV. So start playing games of your Smartphone on your TV for better experience of gaming. In a Non- Samsung device the screen mirroring option is available with either of one name from screen casting , WiFi Display in Vivo Smartphones, Quick connects etc.

 android cast screen to tv without chromecast

Setting Menu of Vivo Mobile

How to connect a smartphone or tablet to your TV

Enabling the WiFi Display


So hope this trick is useful to you. For any further assistance regarding this trick, feel free to comment in the comment section. Also see Whatsapp call recording. Thanks for visiting. Please subscribe us for more useful tips and tricks about the technological stuffs.


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