How To Activate Visitor Mode In Vivo Mobiles

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 What is visitor mode ?  Visitor mode is a inbuilt feature of vivo mobiles. Vivo mobile introduced this mode to maintain the user’s privacy. It is similar to Guest mode in other mobiles. But it is extra secure than Guest mode. Visitor mode protect your privacy to another user who use your mobile. When another user is asked you for mobile without activating the visitor mode you can’t stop him to access your applications and personal files. At this time every user want to protect their personal files from accessing to another user who know the pattern or password of the phone. You can make it hide by using the applications available at playstore but it is not so secured. But in visitor mode your private applications ,personal files are safe enough even the another user know the pattern of your device. Also See Spotify Premium Apk No Root Offline Mode.

Visitor mode provides you facility to hold two patterns at same time one of them is of admin which is for the admin user and another one is for another guest user . How To Activate The Developer Option If a friend demanded to your mobile for some time and asked for your pattern then you have to tell him the pattern of your visitor mode. After entering the pattern he is successfully unlocked your device but he entered in visitor mode where he can only access the application which you have put in the visitor’s mode. If you have hided your contact, albums, videos, file-manager, social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and many more then he is not able to access it all. So at this time you can feel like extra secure. Overall Visitor mode is very useful to all Vivo mobile users, should always turned it on.

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Many of the users are still unknown from this useful feature of their mobile. So this tutorial is for you to learn about this significant feature of your mobile. Visitor mode is accessible only from admin mode. To Activate the Visitor Mode follow the Steps given below.

Step-1. Go to setting menu of your vivo mobile phone Tap on security.

How to use visitor mode on all vivo mobile phone


Step-2. Tap on visitor mode , now tap on set password , and create pattern or pin whichever you want to set.

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Security Setting


Step-3. Now Tap on Hide Contact, hide the contacts which you don’t want to show your friends. choose them and tap done. 

how to ho to use visitor mode in vivo v5

Visitor Mode

Step-4. Now Tap on Hide Icons , hide the icons which you don’t want to being accessed through your visitor mode like your WhatsApp messenger, Facebook Messenger, Banking Applications, Paytm Wallet etc.

how to hide the application on vivo

Hide Icons Of Applications

Step-5. Now Tap on  Protect Albums And Videos. If you want to allow to access your albums and videos then skip this step and return to home interface of your device.

How Can i hide the photos fin my android

Album in visitor mode

Now check the Visitor mode, Lock the device, and use visitor mode pattern to unlock your device now you are in visitor mode where you can not access the contacts, icons, albums and videos which you have hided during the configuration of visitor mode. Further i suggest you that whenever you are with your friends or family you have to unlock your device with visitor mode pattern so they can remember only your visitor mode pattern. So every time when they will take your mobile, they will enter the pattern remembered by them which they had seen at the time when you enter the pattern to unlock your device.

In visitor mode account when you are in setting and security setting this visitor mode option is invisible there. Now your files and application are protected more than you want. Since this is the function of FUNTOUCH OS , there is no chance to encrypt your files. Also check xfinity wifi login hack. Encryption are caused by third party application which is taken by playstore so when your files and applications are protected by a  third party applications then there is a risk to loss of files and applications.

Last Word

So use this feature to get surety of protection of your files and applications. Hope this tutorial is helpful to you Guys. Thanks for visiting, please subscribe us to get more useful stuffs about your devices. Also Try How to share files from PC to Smartphone Via WiFi and How To record the WhatsApp Voice Calls if you want to Click here to watch the video.



  1. Tell a method to hide apps in vivo v7+ because visitor mode is not present in vivo v7+


    Ya in V7+ , visitor mode is not available. So you should use app lock application in v7 +. To find an app please go through the post

  3. my brand new vivo v7 is not showing visitor mode. i searched everywhere but no luck?

    is there any tweak to bring it up?

    • In recently launched smartphones of Vivo, visitor mode is not available. So you should try any of the third party application. There are many applications to hide private files and applications on PlayStore, even many launchers have the same feature you can also use one of them.

  4. subhash avasthi says

    how to unlocking proccese of this visiter mode password
    because when i want to unlock it…the option of visitor mode will not there

  5. Bhargav parmar says

    Vivo y55s has no that kind ok feature soo sujest another trick

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  11. NewTrick says

    Gud Post..

  12. Gaurav Kathuria says

    Tell a method to hide apps in Vivo V11 Pro because visitor mode is not present in Vivo V11 Pro

  13. I own a Vivo Y69, and there’s no Visitor Mode in my security….Help


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