5 Best Free Calling Apps For Android Without Internet

Hello friend, I am come with new and awesome trick named Best Free Calling Apps For Android. In this tutorial there are the some of top free calling application for android is write in bellow. And this is the way to call anyone without pay money. In the google play store there are many application are available but these of the some android apps are the best android app for free calling without internet. There are millions of people are using the phone and also want to talk some by the phone and they are also pay the money to call any one, but by using this application they are not payable the any type of cost. This is fully free of cost and also the best way. In here to know how it generate then you go in bellow step by step. You can also see Best YouTube Video Downloaders For Android.

By using this application you can enjoy these calling apps for android on the phone for free. before the using this app you have to sign up in this application. that is requires also installed the same app in his phone to another person. In bellow there are several type off app given and  you can download the any of the application from here. That app is worked without any reason having the fast internet connection speed. And if you have lover internet connection then it worked properly but that is given some type of errors. In bellow you can try the this and enjoy also. See this How To Wake Up Android Phone Screen with Volume Buttons.


Best Calling Application For Free On Android


  1. Skype
  2. Imo
  3. Nanu
  4. Whatsapp
  5. Id Changer


In here there are several type of application but in these type application the best software application is named Skype. That is simple for used. You are also know that the Skype is also use the business man for their task. This is the best software and there are many people used this on their PC for chat his friends or relatives. This is tons of several feature to enjoy. In here we are talking about the best free calling apps for android by this type of tutorial. Then you also this for enjoy. By using this you can talk with audio and video calling with others. See in bellow if you use this then you fallow this step by step.


Characteristics/Feature Of Skype:

  • In here there are many feature are the Skype and it doing without create any problem-
  • Group Calling- Add the many of people on single call and enjoy the Conference call over the internet to free.
  • Available for all platform Include Mac, Windows PC, Android, IOS, Windows phones etc.
  • Call to Landline or Phone in very Low Price. Go to download Skype in bellow.

Download Skype


This is the also the best software to use the Calling videos. And this is the one of the trending application for Audio/Video calling app to friend. Imo app is specially designed for do Audio/Video calling to the people. And by using this you can also the chat with your friend while using the imo app on their device. There are the thousands of people are using the IMO here in India Specially for doing video calling to the people. That is the merit of this software that it is work on even very slow internet connection. So in here simply you download from google play store or in bellow given the link to download.

Best app for free video calling

Characteristics/ Features of IMO:

  • Encrypted Chats and Calls.
  • Group Chat with the multiple friends, send images , videos to the people.
  • Supports video calling even in lower internet connection.

Download Imo


This is the also one of the bets application for doing voice calling with the people. And nanu is working in many countries. The best thing of this app is that other people does not requires to be install nanu app on their device. Now you can use this without any problem. This is also the dial voice calls to any country at the lowest rate. You can see this app from bellow and this app also available by the link bellow.

Application for free calling

Characteristics/ Feature of Nanu:

  • Move app to SD Card.
  • Other person doesn’t needs to install Nanu app for receive calls.
  • Shows Connection Status is week or Strong.
  • Enjoy Sone Free Credits after signing up.

Download Nanu


This is very popular and one of the best Android application at that day. With the help of this application you can chat the people also. And this is also support the video calling. See also Join and Share WhatsApp Group Links Easily Publicly-WhatsApp Group Links. That is the best feature of the whatsapp is, you can use this with the low connection like 2G also. By using this application you can call any person if in his device installed the whatsapp. That is support many of the operating system like windows, Blackberry,Android, iPhone. Now you can download by the play store or you can go in bellow and to download from here.

Free video calling application

Feature /Characteristics of WhatsApp:

  • Support the Video calling now.
  • Also free calling even in Lower internet connection.
  • No international charger-free to any country.
  • Encrypted calling.

Download WhatsApp

Id changer

This is also the best android free calling application. By using this you can spoof call to any of the people. Example- If you can call to your friend with any number like any other number and you can do some fun with him. That application is also available in the playstore but in bellow i also given the link to go to download this from bellow.

Best free calling of video

Characteristics/Feature of Id changer:

  • Get Free points on Sign up.
  • Call to anyone Spoof Number.
  • Change voice while calling.
  • Also Supports international calling.

Download Id changer


Friends these are the best application to free calling of any other person. And these application are work in the proper way in any android device. Than you can use this and enjoy this application. If you have any question than you can ask me in the comment box bellow, i tried to help you. And also if you give any suggestion than you write in the comment box bellow. Also see 3 Best MAC Changer for android. Thank you for visiting.


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